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CELER - Sunlir

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Con-V CNVCD 004
Release Year: 2012
Note: re-issue of an early CD-R from 2006, containing 10 tracks of loopy/minimal/orchestral drone-waves with hypnotic effects & strange titles; one of our favourite CELER-works definitely! Lim. 300 digipack
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

More Info

"All music by Will Long and Danielle Baquet-Long

Recorded in 2005-2006 at home in Huntington Beach, California

Originally self-released as a limited, handmade edition

new master by m.a.tolosa, Madrid 2011

I am a frame.
I am the frame looking at me, sleeping.
I am a frame
In a dream crooked, at me.

I am a frame shrugging
Without movement.

I am hanging
In a triangle, a knot
Not a tie,

I am a frame.

Wall habitude.
I am the frame looking at me, sleeping
I am a frame
In a dream even, at you.

I am a frame off the wall
With movement; falling,.

I am crooked,
Spun off course by a hand,

The worth of suffering
Is in time, we place ourselves between
The moss of recency

[ Dani Baquet-Long ]" [label info/credits]


"The story of Celer is probably well-known by now, certainly if you have been reading these pages before: in a relatively short time span the duo of Will Long and Danielle Baquet-Long created a whole bunch of releases as Celer, all dealing, more or less, with what we can roughly 'drone' and 'atmospheric' music. Baquet-Long died suddenly in 2009 and it was decided by Long that no more music was to be released as Celer. Anything that comes out now as Celer is either old and unreleased and re-issues of older work, such as this release, which was originally a self-released CDR (thus they gain a status like Maeror Tri, who early 90s cassettes found their way on CD and CDR by now). What can we say about this music that we haven't said before? Nothing much I guess, but that doesn't mean I say anything about the quality of the music. Apparently Celer use a variety of instruments, although none are specified here (but it was on other releases) but these are transformed into abstract glacier like masses of sound, slowly moving and lowly humming, just as pretty much anything else I heard from Celer. Its hard to say if and what the differences are between this particular releases and the others I heard. Surely they are there but appear to be minor. When listening to this CD I was thinking about all of this. Surely there are people who like music to progress, slow, quick but inevitably moving to something else and there are people (in both cases people are consumers, not musicians themselves) who like things to remain the same, no matter how many releases an artist does, and this sometimes applies to musicians who release a lot, such as Fear Falls Burning, Francisco Lopez, Merzbow or Machinefabriek (to mention a few): all with a large dedicated group of fans and Celer has joined their ranks. Be it that no more new music will appear, with their back catalogue (which is indeed vast) filled with obscurities. They surely can see some interesting, re-mastered titles in the future. Me, I belong, perhaps more to the first group of consumers, those who like some things to change every now and then. That said, I thought 'Sunlir' was a pretty fine nocturnal listening thing." [FdW/Vital Weekly]