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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: City Centre Offices towerblock cd 051
Release Year: 2012
Note: the most "catchy" and focused album by the Italian post-/ shoegaze-rockers so far; heavenly harmonies, lovely guitar spheres, male & female vocals... first full new album after 5 years, feat. guest musician STEFANO PILIA, and others.... for any SLOWDIVE fan out there a must !
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"Willkommen zu Hause: fnftes Album der italienischen Indierock-Band.
Ihr letztes Werk fhrte die italienische Post- und Indierock-Band weit zurck in die Vergangenheit: Mit "Il fuoco" vertonten Giardini Di Mir Giovanni Pastrones Stummfilm aus dem Jahr 1915. Ansonsten mussten die Fans fnf Jahre lang auf ein neues Studioalbum warten: "Good Luck" nimmt diese Hrde jetzt sehr optimistisch. Der Titel habe was mit der Landschaft zu tun, in der das Album produziert wurde, so die Band. Die Provinz Reggio Emilia, eine Gegend, die sich durch Minimalismus, Einfachheit und geometrische Formen auszeichnet. Die Songs wiederum entstanden on the road im Tourbus und wurden, zurck in der Heimat, zu Souvenirs des Unterwegsseins. "Good Luck" entstand in aller Privatheit, zusammen mit Freunden der Band wie etwa den Sngerinnen Angela Baraldi und Sara Lov (Devics) und dem Gitarristen Stefano Pilia.//
Giardini di Mir really needs no introduction. Hailing from Cavriago, Italy, a small town near Reggio Emilia, the band released its first EP in 1998 and not only put out a ton of records ever since, but has been touring both Italy and the rest of Europe like crazy. So far, the band has released four full-length albums, the discography however also includes a multitude of EPs, remixes and exclusive tracks for compilations. While not working with the band, GDM's members engage in solo projects, tapping into sounds and genres, one would not necessarily expect from a band deeply routed in guitar music. The band also collaborated with and commissioned remixes from artists like Cyne, Dntl, Hood, Alias, Apparat, Piano Magic, Opiate, Isan and Herrmann & Kleine. Giardini Di Mir has been on City Centre Offices' watch ever since the band started out. In 2010, CCO finally started to work with GDM, releasing the critically accaimed "Il fuoco", the band's soundtrack for Giovanni Pastrone's silent movie from 1915. As a first release in 2012, City Centre Offices now releases "Good Luck", the band's first proper studio album since 2007.
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