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KA-SPEL, EDWARD & DEAD VOICES ON AIR - The Bowles given on Air

Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Tourette Records tourette 026 / DVOA 20 series No. 2
Release Year: 2011
Note: lim. 350 copies, Nr. 2 in the "DVOA 20th Anniversary series"
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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"002. Is a collaboration with Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots under the name The Bowles Given. Its comprised of two songs featuring Edwards vocals, Self-Loathing By Numbers, and On Air. Edward needs little introduction. For over 30 years he has fronted The Legendary Pink Dots, releasing numerous albums and has collaborated extensively, with cEvin Key and others as The Teargarden and with musicians such as Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound, Christoph Heeman and Jim ORourke. Mark Spybey first met Edward in Vancouver. He recorded with him on one of The Teargardens records and in 2000 toured North America as support to the Pink Dots. On Air, also features Spanish guitarist and bass player Oscar Ruiz Fernandez who has also played live and recorded with Reformed Faction and Australian cellist, Carolyn Gannell." [label info]


"The second installment, celebrating twenty years of Dead Voices On Air, in which Mark Spybey invites friends to record pieces together. Here we have Edward Ka-spel of The Legendary Pink Dots. They receive help from Oscar Ruiz Fernandez (guitar, bass) and Carolyn Gannell (cello) on either side of the record. Ka-spel is present with vocals and text, and Spybey plays piano on one side and drums and farfisa on the other. That piano side is a very moody, almost spooky piece. Ka-spel whispers very softly and the music is all sparse. The other side is an entirely different piece of music, almost krautrock like, with multiple layers of organ sounds blearing away and Ka-spel's voice more upfront. This too has a spooky nature, and overall this a great 7"." [FdW/Vital Weekly]