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Format: MC
Label & Cat.Number: Mantricum Records MANTRICUM 022
Release Year: 2011
Note: C-40, four long tracks created 1992 which seem to see the daylight for the very first time; deepest subterranean drones, dedicated to the strange creatures named "Arthropods" and designed to play inside caves; rare & highly recommended !!
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"Francisco Lopez is active for more than 30 years and released for more than 250 labels worldwide and cooperated with more than 150 soundartists. Hypogeion has been recorded in 1992 and now released as a C40 tape at Mantricum Records, the label from Spain run by Carlos Villena. The four tracks have a dark atmosphere created in great hall. Drones and ongoing sounds are the base of metal beats and manipulated piano touches. The music develops from an open character to more enclosed and isolated sphere to subtile blasting noises. Lopez knows how to create an anxious world and knows how to play with the listener to present him different sound palettes. I really do not know why this recordings have been released almost 20 minutes after mastering, because this work is really beautiful to listen to." [JKH/Vital Weekly]