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NEGATIVLAND - Escape from Noise

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Seeland 006CD
Release Year: 1999
Note: LP-version is sold out completely, so we stock the CD version now! Probably the most well known album (1987) from the cultural terrorists, feat. their hits "Michael Jackson", "The Playboy Channel" and "Christianity is stupid", and lots of guest musicians like JELLO BIAFRA, DAS (BIG CITY ORCHESTRA), FRED FRITH, JERRY GARCIA (GRATEFUL DEAD), ALEXANDER HACKE (EINSTRZENDE NEUBAUTEN), THE RESIDENTS, etc..
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More Info

"If there is one Negativland CD that someone you know owns, its probably this one. This 1987 SST Records release was a surprise college radio hit, and, some say, years ahead of its time. "Escape From Noise" is one of our bestselling and most accessible projects, where we took the tape splicing skills honed on "A Big 10-8 Place" into ever more musical directions. In 1999 Seeland Records reissued "Escape From Noise" in a reworked package designed for the CD format. Negativland always intended the original cover artwork to be for the LP format only, and we were never happy with the "original" painted cover image reduced to such small size on the first CD issue. This new version features that artwork full size as the front cover, with the remainder of the artwork reformatted throughout the package by ace designer and Negativland satellite member Dan Lynch. This new version of "Escape From Noise" is not remastered or remixed in any way, nor is there any extra material added." [label info]