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AMBARCHI, OREN - Audience of One

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Touch TO:83
Release Year: 2012
Note: "Audience of One" uses elements of ecstatic free rock, 70's psych/folk & vocal material along with the well known specific guitar drones & experimental noises... AMBARCHI developing & refining his very own style
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"Auf ,Audience of One" prsentiert der australische Musiker Oren Ambarchi eine vierteilige Suite, die sich von treibendem Minimalismus ber ausgedehnte Song-Strukturen zu ekstatischem Free-Rock hin entwickelt. Whrend seine vorigen Soloalben fr das Label Touch einen klaren Fortschritt dabei zeigten, seine typischen basslastigen Gitarrensounds mit fragiler und entrckter Instrumentierung weiter zu entwickeln, fhrt ,Audience of One" dies zwar einerseits in klarer Linie fort, andererseits ffnet es das nchste Kapitel seiner Soloarbeit. Dieses Album schafft es als erstes Werk in seiner bemerkenswerten Breite, aber auch in der gleichzeitigen Detailverliebtheit, die musikalische Identitt von Oren Ambarchi beinahe komplett einzufangen und dabei seine Einzigartigkeit und Vielseitigkeit zu bewahren. Neben seinen Arbeiten mit Gitarre, fr die er am besten bekannt ist, tritt er mit electro-akustischen Improvisationen mit Keith Rowe in Erscheinung, erkundet mit Sunn O))) und Keiji Haino die Grenzen des Rocks und schliet mit dem epischen, aber getreuen Cover von Ace Frehley als Classic Rock Enthusiast." [label info]


"Its been a while since I last heard something new by Oren Ambarchi, which may be entirely my problem of not noticing, or perhaps Ambarchi's output was slowing down. Whatever the case, its good to hear something new from him and its surely quite a surprise, or two. One surprise might be obvious, the presence of singing, which is not entirely new in the world of Ambarchi, but then is in his Sun band, but here on Salt we have the voice of Paul Duncan. Another surprise, perhaps a bit hidden, is the presence of a cover of Kiss' Ace Frehley. But perhaps the biggest surprise is the omnipresence of many different collaborators, which, apart from Duncan, includes Elisabeth Welsh, James Rushford, Eyvind Kang, Janel Leppin, Stephen Fandrich, Josiah Boothby, Joe Talia, Crys Cole, Kessica Kenney and Natasha Rose. Many of them contribute violin, viola, cello, but also percussion, piano and voice. Its not a record to be compared with his previous solo records easily. Mainly due to the fact that the sound not always evolves around Ambarchi's guitar playing, slow, peaceful, heavy with low tones and minimal. This new album is much varied opening many new doors for Ambarchi. The simple ticking of rhythm machine, wine glasses, voice and acoustic guitars on the Frehley cover, but that's at the end of the CD. It opens with the Duncan sung 'Salt', which is perhaps the closest link to the old Ambarchi sound, but already extended with voice, violin and piano. A slow dramatic song. 'Knots', with thirty-three minutes easily the tour de force of the album, accelerates slowly into a heavy free rock improvisation, full on distortion and Talia banging the drums heavily, but with rather majestical heavy ending. More psychedelic music than guitar ambience for sure. Ambient is surely present on 'Passage', with all sorts of instrumental passages, but strangely enough, perhaps, the signature guitar of Ambarchi seems absent here, moving gently into the aforementioned Frehley cover. A CD full of surprises, lots of different textures, yet absolutely very coherent. Great return! Excellent work." [FdW/Vital Weekly]