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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Essentia Mundi EM015
Release Year: 2010
Note: first CD-album by a newcomer from Mexico, mesmerizing with highly energetic monumental electric dronescapes, very dense & dark, imagine a mixture of BAD SECTOR, DANIEL MENCHE and INADE. Highly recommended! Lim. 100 on Romania's best label for Drone and Ambient !!
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"(EM015) 30.04.10, limited to 100 print CDr normal case, hardcovers.

Drone based release all the way from Mexico. The 2 lengthy tracks, very dense and dark, portrais a journey to the mind's core. A core of disturbances..:. This is the first CD release of Epsilon Eridani after a few mp3 releases to various net labels.

Originating from Mexico City, Juan Pablo Valle, 30, produces both ambient and dark ambient. He samples sounds from everything and enjoys modifying them by pitching or time stretching, adding some bright or dark melodies to his compositions." [label info]