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REMORA - Scars bring Hope

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Silber Records SILBER 097
Release Year: 2011
Note: long existing US-american project doing "post-apocalyptic pop", an interesting mixture betwee different genres like post-punk & wave, post-rock, drone, and even americana.. worth to discover if you like it more song-oriented
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"Somehow Remora has managed to survive fifteen years straddling between post rock, drone, & post-apocalyptic pop. While best known for minimalist guitar riffs & picking patterns looped & reverbed out, there have been entire releases focused on americana, a cappella, & electro. So with any new Remora release one is left wondering exactly what to expect.
On Scars Bring Hope Remora’s Brian John Mitchell is guided by the hands of engineer &
producer Brian Lea McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise) to make the most polished Remora
album to date. From three hours of demo tapes McKenzie selected a dozen songs to focus
on for the album. The first time out of a bedroom recording environment, Mitchell’s work
blossoms in the studio. Remora’s guitar, bass, & vocal song structures are augmented by
horns, organ, drums, piano, optical theremin, & more.
The songs from Scars Bring Hope all tell stories: sci-fi pulp about resurrected soldiers
(“Awake Arise,” “Let Me Die with a Coin in My Pocket”), the end of the world (“The Future
of Man,” “Static is Motion”), alien invasion (“My Brother’s Guns & Knives,” “Angel Falling
through Water”), the Cthulhu mythos (“We Come from the Sea”), the story of a cowboy
becoming a soldier of fortune (“Nevada Smith,” “Protector of Builder of Airplanes”), & the
trademark twisted love songs (“Does the Music,” “Let’s Fall in Love,” “Peanut Butter Cup”).
The songs travel through different genres as the album progresses from post punk to drone
to americana & of course Remora’s signature post-apocalyptic pop. The result is musically
& thematically diverse while remaining a cohesive album. Sit back & enjoy the ride." [label info]