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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Ahora Eterno 005
Release Year: 2011
Note: nice new work (one-tracker) by this drone-minimalist from Tokyo: dark metallic drones, hyper-minimal and overtune-radiating.. on a new label from Buenos Aires ! To discover !!
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"Bells is an Evening Record. The deep of its sound travel us toward a landscape and a situation directly. It is a record that supposes an experience on listening, a compromise with hearing. Images float, changing in a record with a beautiful narrative. The trip, the steps and tension appears clearly in this process that means to listen to this record.
It is an unique track of long haul. It is not a fleeting record. It is a record-experience.
I have the chance to make listen to Bells to my pupils of twelve years old, as an exercise of writing. And this is one of the very beautiful results: УIt presents a picture of me walking with Hiroki headwind in a field close to nothing. Like night, also appears to be near a route by traffic noise. In a moment it looks like rain and another seems to pass a train. The noise is constant. The combination of constant andsound recordings is perfect. I think Hiroki Sasajima walks through puddles.
It was a very good piece of work why is good at drawing on white paper. Evening Bell is the perfect title.Hiroki I imagine abandoning any idea where he is recording all the sounds you hear. This is very good to use your imagination.
With this work Art you can imagine many things.Ф " [Bernardo Durand]