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Format: CD-R & object
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit / Limited Edition Series ACL 1002
Release Year: 2010
Note: 1 hour long electroacoustic improvisation based on no-input mixing boards, effects, & prepared electric guitar; rec. live in Munich Nov. 2009; lim. / numb. 50 copies coming in handpainted CD/cloth-case with diverse inlays
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"An hour-long electroacoustic duo improvisation featuring no-input mixing boards, effects, and prepared electric guitar, recorded live at Munichs sound art gallery t-u-b-e in November 2009. With lots of silence between sounds, Zander/Fiebig explore a vague terrain between tones and noises, with results ranging from meditative ambience to near-catchy melodic lines.

Using effects devices, Fiebig and Zander wrest an anstoundingly wide range of tones out of the mixing board. One seems to hear a whistling wind, a communicative alien, shrill screams, chirping birds, melancholic whales, upset monkeys, begging seals, snarling dragons, mating calls of a species yet to be created, the sound of sucking the last bubbles of air from a milk shake, or the sound one makes when peeling off a stubborn sticker with ones fingernails, writes Timo Lokoschat on www.abendzeitung.de in a review of the concert documented here in its entirety. Following the netrelease Modul 2 on the Brainhall label, Modul 3 is the first CD album by duo Gerhard Zander/Gerald Fiebig. The booklet of the limited edition contains an essay by Gerald Fiebig on the duos improvisatory aesthetics (in German)." [label info]