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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Die Schachtel DSZeit11
Release Year: 2010
Note: back in stock the fourth album by this 4 piece band with VALERIO TRICOLI that was founded 2002 in Bologna, merging electronics and traditional instruments in a mesmerizing, dreamlike way... moving between song-format with vocals and electro-acoustic experimenation, they manage to create four extremely absorbing, dark, slowly evolving cinematic pieces of great beauty... still to discover !!
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"Die Schachtel is very happy to present the long-awaited return of 3/4HadBeenEliminated. The group (guitarist/double bassist Stefano Pilia, turntablist/sound assembler Claudio Rocchetti, tape manipulator/vocalist/guitarist Valerio Tricoli and percussionist Toni Arrabito) has created a work wich is at the same time new and refreshing and yet completely consistent with their vision: a deep interaction between human, environment, traditional instruments and live electronics that creates a floating atmosphere filled with a natural energetic flow which borders on the psychedelic. Thanks to the versatile use of the voice, capable of experimenting new solutions and suggestive ways of emission, and to the instrumental and electronic surround, they are able to create a three dimensional space, also thanks to the continuous switch between a concrete, rough world and a dream-like one. "Oblivion" is their fourth full lenght album, and a further confirmation of the outstanding talent of these Italian musicians." [label info]