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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Paradigm Discs PD23
Release Year: 2007
Note: re-issue of very early / rare LP (1976) from the LOS ANGELES FREE MUSIC SOCIETY (not included on the 10 CD set released some time ago); 44 pieces, lots of obscurities
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"When the Los Angeles Free Music Society 10 CD set came out I eagerly flipped through the contents to see what treasures had finally been made available again. Much to my surprise the early compilation I.D. Art #2 was not included in this otherwise major overview of the LAFMS. I.D. Art #2 was the second LP release on their label, coming after Le Forte Four’s ‘Bikini tennis shoes’ LP, and before the 2LP ‘Live at the Brand’, a split album between Le 44 and The Doo-Dooettes. It dates from 1976. It is also probably the most difficult LP on their catalogue to find. Originally released in an edition of just 200 copies, most of which were given out to the 44 artists and groups who appeared on this extraordinary LP. The deal was that each track was paid for by the contributor at a rate of $8 per minute in exchange for 4 copies of the disc. Consequently very few copies were ever made available via the LAFMS mail order service.
With a running time of 66 minutes and the sheer variety of contributions, I.D. Art #2 remained for most people a mysterious and tantalising item.
Most of the contributors came from the students at Otis Art Institute in LA, and many make their only ever recordings for this disc. Among the known names from the LAFMS scene are: Le Forte Four, Joe Potts, Fredrick Nilsen, Mr Foon, Ace & Duce, Dennis Mehaffey as well as 6 tracks by Smegma. Other artists include the painter Miles Forst, violinist Josie Roth, film makers Doug Henry and Gary Beydler, mail artist and dog portrait painter Irene Dogmatic, Otis librarian Joan Hugo, graphic designer Kathe Schreyer and many other creative artists and designers at the start of their careers who submitted their audio idea, be it via telephone, in subways, recontextualising old vinyl, philosophising, story telling, being abstract, joking, rehearsing and lo even playing instruments. This exhilerating journey, bursting with ideas was compiled by Joe Potts and Waynna Kato." [label info]

• 1a. Mac McCloud; b. Mac McCloud (2:19)
• 2. Harold Schroeder “Silent rituals” (3:32)
• 3. Greg Neutra/J.D. Elliot “Grieg fatigue” (2:01)
• 4. Smegma a. “Rrose Selavy will wait for my washing machine, even” b. “The Andalusian dog often digs into the furniture with onyx fingers.” (2:02)
• 5. Smegma “Potatoe war” (0:59) mp3
• 6. Fredrik Nilsen “You can’t hide from aldehyde” (1:40)
• 7. Miles Forst “Art, art, art” (0:41)
• 8. Smegma “One moment” (1:30)
• 9. Smegma “Pig face blues” (0:24)
• 10. Doug Henry “View this command as a verbal enactment of a command” (0:15)
• 11. Josie Roth “Heal, and another little time” (1:01)
• 12. Joe Potts “I don’t want to go to the farm” (0:21)
• 13. Otto Fick (0:48)
• 14. Smegma “Excerpt from: I’ll have Julie Nixon-Eisenhower for my appetizer (sour lungs to my surprise)” (3:01)
• 15. Karen Kato “Xmas 1952” (0:35)
• 16. J.J. Allen Vargas “Victim of racism” (1:25)
• 17. Dennis Guy Mehaffey “Busta Nosa” (1:47)
• 18. M/R/Zuniga “Vulnerability: rape, male vs. female” (1:31)
• 19. Mike Green “Martin Heiddeger revisited” (dedicated to Molly) (0:15).
• 20. Mehaffey a. Introdution by Buckminster Fuller. b. “I stumble/You laugh” (4:01)
• 21. Jules Lemelle (1:03).
• 22. Maureen Abbott (0:14).
• 23. Smegma “Take one” (3:29).
• 24. Dan Weiss/P. Hamilton Ross “A bicentennial tribute to America’s freight trains” (0:56).
• 25. Mr. Foon “Timeless #1” (5:50)
• 26. Bertil Petersson “Monologue to Henry VIII” (2:05)
• 27. Amrein & Stoll (1:04)
• 28. Ace & Duce “Dogs are barking" (0:37)
• 29. Irene Dogmatic/Rose Tatoo (0:36)
• 30. Gordon Shields “Cotton duck, up and back” (0:59)
• 31. Gary Beydler “Record stick” (0:16).
• 32. Tom Kemp “Pasadena subway station poetry stills” (3:39)
• 33. Donald Spaulding “I don’t want this to happen” (0:32)
• 34. Janice Felger/Joan Hugo “One minute of art news update in 30 seconds (1:04)
• 35. Sue Farthing (0:22)
• 36. Waynna Kato “White/Noise” (0:29)
• 37. Jim Abuan/Peter Muzzey “Why does love have to be so sad?” (0:20)
• 38. Juan Gomez “This is my country” (2:47)
• 39. P.J. Campbell (1:01).
• 40. Kathe Schreyer “Don’t make me laugh” (0:15)
• 41. Mary Dana Chodzko “Patty Smith by Mary Dana Chodzko” (1:42).
• 42. Gary Laskin “Have sex with Rex” (1:25)
• 43. Jean Koller “Dream” (3:20).
• 44. Le Forte Four a. Discarded portion of the soundtrack for Rick’s film “Burger madness” b. From “The origin of Largie Schrapnel” c. “I haven’t heard you for a long time...” d. “Fat ape” (1:17)