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AMETSUB - The Nothings of the North

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Mille Plateaux MP 301
Release Year: 2010
Note: second album by this IDM & experimental / glitch electronic artist
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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"Deeply impressed by a trip to Iceland, Ametsub produced his 2nd album (and cover art). With the same incredibly detailed production and crystal clear sound known already from his debut CD, Ametsub shows more mature composition and arrangement skills now. There is always something new to discover while listening. Based around his great and chordful piano playing, the tracks range from experimental via ambient to IDM-ish sounds. This results in an experimental but still very listenable album. There is a reason why Riuchi Sakamoto and Yagya became fans of Ametsub: This album already now is a true electronic classic.
Tief beeindruckt von einer Reise nach Island produzierte Ametsub sein zweites Album (nebst Cover). Die Produktion ist wie auch schon bei seiner Debut CD neben dem glasklaren Sound beraus detail- und ideenreich, es gibt immer wieder neues zu entdecken. Die Kompositionen, Melodien und der Soundcharakter der einzelnen Songs sind jedoch noch ausgereifter geworden. Basierend auf seinem durchaus Klassik- und (Nu)Jazzangehauchtem Pianospiel bewegen sich die Stcke zwischen experimenteller Elektronik, Ambient und IDM. Resultat ist ein intelligentes, experimentelles aber dennoch sehr hrbares Album. Es hat schon seinen Grund, weshalb Riuchi Sakamoto und Yagya Fans von Ametsub geworden sind: Dieses Album ist schon jetzt ein echter Klassiker." [label info]


"...The first is from Tokyo where he was born in 1983. At the age of six he learned to play the piano. He released his first album in 2006, and a trip to Iceland inspired him for this second release, where he also shot pictures for the cover - pre volcanic eruption I might add. The notion of clicks and cuts is continued here, but Ametsub uses a somewhat narrow approach to it. He builds his rhythms from glitches, like he is supposed to do, but in what he uses them for, is what sets him apart. He employs lots of piano sounds, processed and unprocessed and builds elegant pieces from that. However, it doesn't lead to some laid back ambient album, with a few glitches. Ametsub has some interesting ideas to create a variety of music. Jazzy at times, ambient at others, but he mixes in some harsher stuff to. Never noise of course, but the elegant mood is pleasantly disrupted by these interventions. Fourteen tracks (including a remix by Helios and a video edit) is however a bit much. Towards the end the album looses its edge a bit. Here ten tracks would have made a perfect album, now its a perfect album with a somewhat long ending." [FdW /Vital Weekly]