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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Conspiracy Records CORE073
Release Year: 2009
Note: third album by this duo from Minneapolis; dark & heavy ambient-noise based on guitars, drums, machines; lim. 300
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"Heatdeath's hellish third endeavor leaves no mortal soul untouched, a stretched horizon for humanoids who dwell in the sounds of Abruptum, Emit, Jim O'Rourke, Sunroof and classic 70's horror hysteria. Things one might associate with this music include, but are not limited to: tunnel, blinking light, total blackness, everything turning completely to blinding white light, infinity, wires stretching until infinity, machines, un-human-ness, shock, ghost symphonies, radio transmissions in space, the sound of the universe, crushing despair and powerlessness, total freedom, transcendent thought, no-mind, gigantic animals, violent weather patterns, cosmic wind, nitrous oxide, dreams, drugs, birth, euphoria, madness, microscopic insects, apathy, alternate universe, complex repetitive patterns, memories constantly being absorbed by other memories, fleeting beauty, unfathomable violence, unattainable consciousness, annihilation of the self. Six blasphemic cuts of corrupted data and contaminated files that circle like vultures around broken chipboards. Molded from the original chemical residue into an improved spacious Blade Runneresque landscape where cyborgs are dipped in vats of acid. A fractured sonic attack that questions the purpose of any technologically advanced civilization. From this moment on, we are at war. Andrew Broder and Tim Glenn reivent their own dismal creation, boldly bending time and injecting alien cells into their conscious void. Their third black oath of titanium plated nighttime buzz reveals strings of abomination and a vulgar in-your-face production where guitars are laced with barbwire and drumkicks sound like mortars. Pollution monsters, smog demons and frightening metal clatter surrounded by pale mutilated bones. Hyperblast warp modes who's gritty details are engraved in ivory caskets, shredded yet still carrying a torch of mystic vibrations. Imagine eating a bowl of maggots with a digital spoon... Science fiction smeared with dirt and animal blood. This record is limited to 75 copies on black/silver vinyl and 225 on black vinyl." [label info]