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FEAR DROP - No. 15: SAIWALA - enquete sur l'esthetique musicale du vent

Format: mag & CD
Label & Cat.Number: Fear Drop LAGR 015
Release Year: 2010
Note: great new issue (60 pages) with long essay "La belle ambiante" about romantic metaphors of drone music, nature & wind music; incl. compilation CD with PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED tracks by THOMAS KNER, CEDRIC PEYRONNET / TOY BIZARRE, TETSUO FURUDATE, MICHAEL NORTHAM (with "Suhina" 10" bonus-track), BJ NILSEN, CHRIS WATSON, THE [LAW-RAH]-COLLECTIVE, JANA WINDEREN, BLACK TO COMM, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, etc.. absolutely must have, highly recommended!!! French language
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"Au sommaire : La belle ambiante, pour une cinmatique des musiques bourdonnantes - Saiwala - Analogies : nature et musique - De l'arbre chantant la harpe olienne - Wind drops : Chris Watson et BJ Nilsen - Winds(c)haft : autour de disques de Francisco Lpez, Alan Lamb, Yannick Dauby et Wan-Shuen Tsai, Tarab, Eric La Casa, Leif Elggren, Michael Northam, Bruno Moreigne - Les traces du vent dans le travail de Cdric Peyronnet / toy.bizarre - Vers la plaine. (par Denis Boyer, Julie Ramos, Jrme Langlais, Cdric Peyronnet, Laurent Margantin)" [label info]


"... My French, despite my name, is not really that good (anymore?), but I gather it as to be very obvious that all of these pages and pieces deal with wind, the sound of wind. In the magazine there are articles on drone music via three principle labels, Afe Records, Taalem and Drone Records, of nature and music history, BJ Nilsen & Chris Watson, an in-depth tale of CDs that deal with wind and Toy Bizarre. Probably a nice read, as far as I can judge that. We find many usual suspects on the CD, like Jana Winderen, BJ Nilsen, Michael Northam, Bruno Moreigne, Cedric Peyronnet, Francisco Lopez and Chris Watson, who all deliver their wind inspired pieces. The main power lies however with pieces by others, who use wind sounds to create more musical pieces. Some, I suspect, even use fake winds sounds coming from synthesizers. Here we find pieces by the [Law-Rah] collective, Thomas Koner, Tetsuo Furudate, Black To Comm and Philippe Petit. Frederique Bruyas has a spoken word piece on wind. Greatest surprise is to have a piece by Mike Harding, headhoncho of Touch, with a pretty rare musical piece of himself. The mixture of pure field recordings, processed field recordings and musical pieces is a great one, put together with some idea of how these things should be done. Excellent, even when the language is a bit of a barrier." [FdW / Vital Weekly]