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CINDYTALK / ROBERT HAMPSON - Five Mountains of Fire

Format: 10inch
Label & Cat.Number: Editions Mego 105
Release Year: 2010
Note: amazing split EP by two legendary UK underground artists! lim. 500
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.50

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"Cindytalk - Five Mountains Of Fire: Gordon Sharp (electronics), Paul Middleton (drums), Dan Knowler (Guitar), Gary Jeff (Percussion) and Sherrill Crosby (Electronics). Pre-mixed and re-played by GS at Roi Vert, Okamoto, Japan, March 2009. Robert Hampson - Antarctica Ends Here: Dedicated to John Cale. Recorded and Mixed at Thirst 2007Ð2009 in London and Paris. Design: Dave Coppenhall. Cindytalk's Gordon Sharp and Robert Hampson (Loop. Main...) are 2 characters of legend circulating on the periphery of London (and beyond) underground music over the last 2 plus decades. It may come as a surprise then that this stunning split 10 is the first meeting of these two singular minds. 'Five Mountains Of Fire' by Cindytalk is a cracking track taking their recent brittle electronic experiments and charging them with firecracker like percussion to create a pleasantly disorienting soundscape. Flip it over and Hampson delivers the practical polar opposite with Antarctica Ends Here. An exceptionally beautiful piece utilizing piano and carefully placed electronics so as not to break the ice, a tribute to John Cale's 'Antarctica Starts Here' (from 'Paris, 1919' album). Limited to 500 copies." [label info]


"Eine eher unlikely Split, die aber zwei schöne aktuelle Entwürfe des Experimentellen zeigt. Die entzündeten Berglandschaften von Cindytalk klingen wie aus einem Jodorowsky-Film entsprungen: erdig, ekstatisch und irgendwie religiös. Die sirrend-dronige Klangfläche wird in einem Bandkonstrukt mit Gitarre und Schlagzeug erarbeitet und dann in der Nachbearbeitung zerlegt. Besonders die rukelnden Percussion, die sich in der zweiten Hälfte des Tracks in den Mix schiebt, läßt neue Hoffnung für die Kombination von Elektronik und Instrumentarium aufkommen. Der eher scheue Robert Hampson (Main, Loop) hat sich mit seinem konzentrierten Beitrag, nicht wie es scheinen will auf den Eternal Music Cale berufen, sondern sich wohl explizit vor John Cale’s ‘Antarctica Starts Here’ (aus Paris, 1919) verneigt. Der Track klingt wie eine traurig-zerfleischte Geigenmelodie im Lockgroove, angereichert mit Mikropartikeln und schwüler Atmosphäre. Eine unbedingt lohnenswerte Veröffentlichung!" [Zipo, Auf Abwegen]

"Cindytalk is back, thanks to Editions Mego. The CD released last year (see Vital Weekly 702) was mainly the solo effort of Gordon Sharp, and saw him move towards the computerized music, say that of microsound, ambient, drones and such like, so much to my surprise its a band line up here again. Besides Sharp, who gets the credit for electronics, there is also drums, percussion, more electronics and guitar. The pieces was recorded in Japan last year (in concert?) and consists largely of sustaining notes played with bows on the cymbals, drones created from the guitar and electronics having quite an obscure role in this. Great mood music. Which is exactly what can be said of Robert Hampson on the other side. Great mood music. Just like Cindytalk, Hampson has been active in the underground of the UK music life since more than twenty-five years, as Loop and as Main, and since the last decade mainly under his own name, working in that obscure niche where popmusic meets musique concrete.
Popmusic? Things with guitars, more likely. His piece is dedicated to John Cale, another such character on the crossroad of many musical styles. Followings Cindytalk's full sound spectrum approach, Hampson goes out with just a few sounds on his hands. A bowed guitar, some far away crackles and maybe the odd field recording. Carefully constructed as opposed to the somewhat 'live in concert' approach on the other side, but both pieces are complimentary to eachother. An excellent record. I have no idea if Cindytalk now returns as a full band, or that it will continue to confuse us. I hope the latter." [FdW, Vital Weekly]