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DAUBY, YANNICK - Overflows

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Sonoris sns-10
Release Year: 2010
Note: intense composition based on field recordings from Taiwan (natural, industrial & urban environments), combining diverse elements in a masterful, flowing way...
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"Yannick Dauby, originated from Mediterranean Alps and currently based in Taiwan. Sound and location, sound and community, sound and ecology, are the main topics of his projects. Overflows is a composition based on field recordings in natural, industrial and urban environments dealing with the overwhelming of listening. Fans of Francisco Lopez, Jean-Franois Laporte or Eric La Casa will be delighted." [label info]


"Yannick Dauby is not very well-known I guess, but by now he has a nice body of work which deal with field recordings. He is originally from the Mediterranean Alps but lives these days in Taiwan. 'Overflows' is just one track, which was already composed in 2005 and extended in 2006. The field recordings were made in Taiwan and in the surroundings of Saint-Nazaire, and consist, if I am correct with the devastating powers of water and overflowing of water, plus a great deal of wind sounds and a minority of city sounds. Its a fine work I must say while I also have to admit that its the kind of work I have heard more than once in my life. Think a lot of Lopez music, although Dauby is throughout the more audible person, and working less with treated sound, or much closer, Eric LaCasa. Especially his work comes close to that of Dauby. Its that same type of sounds that he uses, a story like approach in composing it and the execution is pretty similar. So while I think Dauby does something
great actually - all the right sounds, a fine composition, and such like - its also something that is well explored, by Dauby himself as well as by others. If you are new and think 'what is music made with field recordings' than this might be an excellent place to start." [FdW/Vital Weekly]