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PREMATURE EJACULATION - The Lost Recordings (Part 2)

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Malaise Music Mal2
Release Year: 2010
Note: previously unreleased experimental recordings from 1981 by this project of ROZZ WILLIAMS; plus bonus-material from 1982
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"Premature Ejaculation - (Part 2) (1981) is a more interesting and well put-together recording than its predecessor. Although far from perfect, it is clear that Rozz was learning his art and developing techniques that he would continue to use throughout the rest of his career. Premature Ejaculation - (Part 2) consists of a long sequence of untitled tracks. Since the original cassette recording featured few, if any, distinguishable track breaks we felt it important not to arbitary separate each single piece of music for the cd release. Rozz had obviously intended for the music to be enjoyed as a continous listening experience rather than for each piece to be listened to in isolation. This would not be the last time that Rozz used such tactics. Premature Ejaculation - (Part 2) also incorporates the use of samples and there is some vocalisation and spoken word sequences. We have included bonus material dating from 1982 which are selections by Rozz and Ron from various vinyl recordings. The original cassette sleeve for Premature Ejaculation - (Part 2) survives and is in the possession of John Collins. It must be noted that Rozz did not actually make the cassette sleeve in 1981, since he did not start using the year 1334 in his artwork until the early 1990's. Rozz had at one time titled the cassette Auto-Erotism (Part 2) but scored this off the front cover with a heavy black marker."
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