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YRSEL - Requiem for the three Kharite

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Aurora Borealis ABX039
Release Year: 2010
Note: very dark & experimental drone-doom; a collaborative project between ONDO and AUSTRASIAN GOAT; lim. 500
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More Info

"YRSEL create complex, multi layered and highly atmospheric music that fully explodes the genres of drone, doom, and electronica resulting in a glorious glacial melt of sound and texture. YRSEL is a collaboration between THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT, primarily an experimental Doom/Black Metal project, and ONDO, an equally prolific dark electronica project.
Conceptually, the album deals with the Three Graces (Kharites) of Greekmythology, symbols of grace, beauty, pleasure, and the creative impulse. A requiem for the loss of culture in an ever spiraling material world, a twilight ode to the mythic manifestation of our higher faculties. In this context the drones, glitches and whispersform the perfect soundtrack to such dark materials. The album dissolves slowly from its thunderous opening, finally leaving the listener in a deep void of palpable loss.
Aurora Borealis is very proud to release this excellent album, presented as a deluxe silkscreened CD package in an edition of just 500." [label info]