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SCHNFFLER - Rauschbereich

Format: Resipiscent RSPT031
Label & Cat.Number: Resipiscent RSPT031
Release Year: 2009
Note: another incredible release on RESIPISCENT, this is an MC (lim. 56) packed in a "pageless storybook" (a kind of handmade hardcover book-map with illustrations); SCHNFFLER is a duo consisting of LIZ ALLBEE & GINO ROBAIR
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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"Drawing current and breath through metal... its hard to picture just how either is possible, but Schnffler plumbs the backwaters of both aural miracles in an engrossing, if pageless, storybook entitled "Rauschbereich."

The name of Gino Robair and Liz Allbee's hyper-attuned duo, Schnffler, is a colloquialism meaning someone who huffs substances. "Huffing" is equal parts curiosity and consuming obsession, and as any huffer knows substance has a way of vanishing. So hork up yours before this handbuilt edition of just 56 copies, end-pages beautifully illustrated by Allbee herself, is gone for good." [label info]