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ELEH - Location Momentum

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Touch TO:80
Release Year: 2010
Note: first digital release of the "pure analog drone-synthesis" project
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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"Eleh ist ein Rtsel, seit 2006 das erste Album unter diesem Namen verffentlicht wurde. Mit viel Liebe und Aufwand gemachte Vinyl-Only Releases erschienen in limitierter Auflage und mit kopiertem Cover zuerst ber das US-Label Important Records, dann ber die Labels Taiga und Touch, insgesamt gab es 11 Editionen. 1999 bereits begann Eleh mit analoger Synthese, der Schwerpunkt lag dabei auf Niederfrequenzen und akustischen Klangphnomenen. Inspiriert durch die physische Welt versucht Eleh in den Aufnahmen die physische Prsenz des Klanges widerzugeben. Nach dem 12"-Release ,Observations and Momentum" hat Eleh sich dazu entschieden, die ersten digitalen Aufnahmen zu verffentlichen: ,Location Momentum" erscheint nun ber Touch auf CD." [label info/Cargo]


"It wasn't difficult to miss out on the previous eleven releases by Eleh: they were on vinyl and all in highly limited editions, for labels such as Important Records, Taiga and Touch. The latter now releases the first digital release, and even I get to hear it. Eleh, of whom nothing is revealed, started out in 1999 'an an exploration of analog synthesis, emphasizing low frequency oscillation and resonant acoustic phenomena'. That means Eleh has some ancient of a synth at his disposal (or hers, we don't know), that generates tones rather than sweet bubbling sounds. Eleh records these, say two or three, and then mixes them together. Yes, if you read that, it may sound the simplest of things, doesn't it? Well, perhaps it is, but its always the result that counts, isn't it? Its music that fills out your space in a great way. Think Alvin Lucier, I'd say, but then usually pitched down - or rather: playing the lower end of the sound spectrum. By knitting a few closely related sounds together, a whole series of 'extra' sounds start to sing - like there is more space between them. Only in 'Observation Wheel' there are a few distinctly different sounds - sine wave like and white noise like. 'Rotational Change For Windmill' sounds like an alarm going off, slowing down towards the end - indeed Lucier like (think 'Clocker'). Quite a strong CD of powerful subconscious drone music." [FdW / Vital Weekly]