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FOUST! - Jungle Fever

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Swill Radio 030
Release Year: 2009
Note: first ever solo-album by SCOTT FOUST (IDEA FIRE COMPANY), lim. 300
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"Foust! is my first ever solo project in all these long years. Through most of these years, since The XX Committee days, a constant supporter and champion of my work has been the journalist Oskar Spee. I think his email sums up Jungle Fever quite well.
Dear Scott,
I received Jungle Fever yesterday. Many thanks. I first played it while I was cooking dinner and found it very odd and perplexing. Later, I sat down in a more relaxed set and setting and gave the recording my full attention at good volume. Astounding! Simply one of the most hallucinogenic recordings I have ever heard. All three 'acts' have a monotony to them, but the shifting patterns under the surface are superb. I can certainly see this as a drama involving a late 19th century British explorer contracting a tropical disease. The drama is palpable. The three acts, if I may call them that, 'Train Journey/ Restless Natives,' 'Delirium,' and 'Demise' are perfect. Really fine work. The strange and obsessive attention to detail of Jungle Fever really reminds me of your film. Another stone in your mighty edifice.
My (our) mission continues. We should get together soon. We have much to discuss.
Here's To Love!
Digipak. Edition of 300." [Scott Foust / label info]


"Not to be confused with the legendary krautrock band (notice the spelling, and the punctuation), Foust! is in fact Scott Foust,
member of experimental soundmaking combo Idea Fire Company, who share a label and an aesthetic to a certain degree with the Shadow Ring.
For Foust's first solo record, he's conjured up a nearly 80 minute soundscape of lo-fi loped rhythms and drones. The first 35+ minutes are slowly shifting, barely changing it of stutter and thump, wreathed in hiss and set atop a soft bed of static, super mesmerizing and hypnotic, while the rhythm remains vrtually unchanged, the sounds around it, softly and slowly shift, growing more and more murky, the tone and timbre gradually transforming until finally the rhythms drops out, leaving long shimmering tones, stretched out over what sounds like field recordings, the various tones are layered into almost- harmonies, the low tones thick and undulating in slow motion way up in the mix, higher tones way off in the distance, a soft tangle of warm languid dronemusic, until with about twenty minutes left, the drones fade out leaving mostly just ambient sounds, birdcalls, rainfall, running water, the crackle of leaves and branches, while way off in the distance, remnants of the first half of the record hang on until they too finally disappear, the sound building to a hiss until the track ends with the storm disappearing in a little swirl of effects.
So nice. An awesome combination of soundscaping, dronemusic and field recordings, definitely for fans of all three!" [Aquarius Rec]