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Format: pic-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Soleilmoon Recordings SOLV 11p
Release Year: 2009
Note: re-issue of the LP from 2006 as lim. picture-LP (500 copies); already sold out at the label !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €18.50
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BASS COMMUNIONs wunderbare Geistermusik, zweite Vinyl-Auflage, diesmal als PICTURE-Disc mit dem surrealistisch-schnen Cover.

"Bass Communions 2006 album Loss is being issued as a limited edition 12" picture disc. Only 500 copies have been made.
Loss is not about the violent moment of loss, but its aftermath. The crushing melancholia, the endless questions of what if? and why?, as well as the concepts of regret, missed opportunity, or a feeling or moment in time that can never be recaptured. But even in the midst of this gloomy scene, hope and light are born, for loss is never total. Memory lingers, a residue of evidence is left behind, and life goes on. Steven Wilson, the man behind Bass Communion, says For me, the album is an extension of the previous release, Ghosts on Magnetic Tape, which relates to Electronic Voice Phenomena, or the idea that the dead can still communicate with the living world through recorded media. In order to try to capture this feeling I wanted the music to leave a spectral, ghostly impression, and to have an organic decaying quality, like something trying to break through from another world. To this end my musical sources were mainly 78 rpm records, a vibraphone and an upright piano. No synths or electronics were used, only organic sources or instrumentation that has been around for at least the last century.
Although more well known for his rock band Porcupine Tree and his production and mixing work for artists as diverse as Opeth and Yoko Ono, Steven Wilson sees Bass Communion as his personal labor of love. In Bass Communion we hear not only the music nearest to his heart, but the music closest to what he himself listens to: In freeing myself from thinking in terms of melody or rhythm, and focusing purely on the texture and inherent qualities of pure sound, I believe the music achieves a purity of intent and spirit, as a means to express some of my innermost feelings, such as loss, at a much deeper level. Loss was first issued in 2006 on 12 inch vinyl, in a hand-numbered limited edition of 450 copies, presented in a lavishly printed and embossed scented-paper cover and inner sleeve, with an eight page photo album. In 2007 Soleilmoon released Loss as a double disc set, comprising a surround sound DVD-A and a stereo CD. It followed five previous full length Bass Communion albums, as well as collaborations with Muslimgauze, VidnaObmana, Johnathan Coleclough and Colin Potter." [label info]