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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Conspiracy Records CORE085
Release Year: 2009
Note: exciting collaboration by the two guitar-droners BROADRICK & DIRK SERRIES - coming from different angles (post-industrial ambience & industrial metal) meeting in DRONE spheres. lim. 500
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"Es war nur eine Frage der Zeit. Jesu/Godflesh-Mastermind Justin K. Broadrick (Final) vs. Dirk Serries (Fear Falls Burning). Avant-garde Drone. Experimentell. Atembraubend. berwltigend. 12 Monate Zeit haben sich beide Protagonisten genommen, um diesen 4 Tracks den letzten, finalen (!!!) Schliff zu verpassen. Minutenlange Drones. Elektronische Soundscapes. Powerchords. In your face, metal-esque und avant-garde zugleich. Limitiert auf 500 copies." [Flight13]

"Dirk Serries (Fear Falls Burning) and Justin Broadrick (Final) are both musicians with an impressive discography that spans over 2 decades. They both emerged from the same underground scene in the early eighties, releasing small print tape releases, often on the same labels. When they finally met for the first time in 2007 on a Jesu / Fear Falls Burning European tour they hit it on straight away. Their common love and interest in the avant-garde drone, experimental music scene resulted in Final's stunning contribution to the epic 'Once We All Walk Through Solid Objects' 5lp set by Fear Falls Burning. A full-length collaborative album was only a matter of time. About a year in the making this collaborative album showcases Final and Fear Falls Burning's ability to expand the drone genre with allowing power chords, figurative plucking and electronic-esque soundscapes to lead the 4 songs on this album. The collaboration is much more than just a sum of both their projects together but it realizes an entity on its own. In your face, metal-esque and avant-garde at the same time, Final and Fear Falls Burning took the leap forward in creating a intriguing variation on drone music. This lp is limited to 500 copies (75 on clear, 125 on silver and 300 on black)." [label info]