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ARANOS - Koryak Mistress stakes Golden Sky

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Pieros 011CD
Release Year: 2008
Note: one-tracker with a concerto for 3 double basses, 4 violins, viola, zither, etc.. expect the unusual (as usual) when listening to an ARANOS work !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €11.50

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"This record contains one track,
A concerto for 3 double bases, 4 violins, viola, zither, condomble drum and other things that make noise. Composition is in one movement; division into parts is possible but rather superfluous.
Originated as a simple tune on double bass harmonics. Ran away with itself simply to enjoy digital ones and noughts on little silvery disc or even smaller bits of plastic. It times about one hour before returning to its origin.
May gods bless her and all who listen to her.

She arose
Gently, gently,
As if not to wake
Newborn reeds and rushes.
Yet shimmering of her power
Filled both visible and invisible."
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