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LLOYD, DALE - Akasha_for Record

Format: pic-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Elevator Bath eeaoa028
Release Year: 2009
Note: new release in the nice "graphic / sound" interaction picture-disc series; lim. 216 copies; first release from DALE LLOYD in three years
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €17.50

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"A welcome return from Dale Lloyd with this, his first new release in three years. Akasha_for Record is a two-part composition, filled with highly dynamic intricacies very carefully arranged. Rich micro-detail meets subtle emotional resonance in a spellbinding work created specifically for the vinyl format. Akasha_for Record is an opulent listening experience, indeed, and one that will reward close, repeated scrutiny. The record's artwork consists of two gorgeous, lightly manipulated, full-color photographic images by Lloyd. The sound/vision combination of Akasha_for Record is truly intriguing and utterly beautiful. Dale Lloyd is well known for phonography, composition, graphic design, and curatorial skills for his highly acclaimed and/OAR label. He has recorded for numerous labels over the years, including Elevator Bath, and/OAR, Alluvial Recordings, Mystery Sea, and Room40. Lloyd lives in Seattle, Washington. This picture disc LP has been released in an edition of 216 copies." [label info]

"... One of the two sides opens with a modulating hiss that harmonizes with a sinewy drone and gets punctured by a series bone-numbing electrical charges for something that could have some unsavory context had it been generated by John Duncan, but then again it could be a field recording of a grain-slew with minor post-production techniques. In fact, each of the pieces on Akasha For Record have this sense that they could be the results of well-situated field recordings like those of Tarab or Eric La Casa, as the smudges and grittiness of these recordings allude to
such strategies. Another track shimmers like the vibration of a loose piece of metal on an industrial HVAC, with the timbres generating a
surprisingly fluid and beautiful resonance like something Andrew Chalk would actively seek out. There's greater evidence of field recordings
on the tracks that do feature the roar of surf and a cold wind intermingled with the softened white noise of sand getting pushed around. Lloyd had devised this album to complement the crackles that get magnified through the picture disc - a medium which notoriously wears heavier than most pressings of vinyl. The album certainly works well with its medium. Beautiful stuff, and super limited to 216 copies." [Aquarius Records]