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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Basses Frequences BF13
Release Year: 2009
Note: first album of project from OBJEKT4 / RELAPXYCH.0, using field recordings of earth, water, fire and wind combined with instruments, ed. of 500
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After the ending of OBJEKT4 the main man behind it, ANDERS PETERSON, created two new projects, RELAPXYCH.0 and ELEMENTAL RESEARCH PROJECT - the latter one seems to be connected (like FIVE ELEMENTS MUSIC) with the idea of using the four elements as sound sources. His first CD-album presents 8 tracks based on earth, water, fire and wind sounds, mixing it with (very much but nicely effected) instrumental recordings (guitar, bass, female voice, drums). This is mainly mellow ambience with at times strange repeating fragmentation effects and more concrete elements of environmental & object recordings, always trying to create the more "special" interesting sounds.. As a bonus we find here the 3-track EP "Eastern Winds", where Japanese folk-instruments like Koto (japanese zither), Shakuhachi (traditional bamboo flute), Kyotaku (Zen-flute), and gongs are used in an experimental way. Very nice ambient-droning mixture of natural & electronic sources.