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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: In the Fishtank FISH15
Release Year: 2009
Note: Nr. 15 in the ambitious collab series of the Konkurrent-label, playtime over 40 minutes
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.50

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"Spätestens seit seinem Album "Endless Summer" (2001) zählt Christian Fennesz zu den bekannten Namen der elektronischen Musik. Wo viele seiner Kollegen der Gefallsucht verfallen, kreiert der Österreicher eine Welt voller ungehörter und neuer Sounds. Seine Idee, mit Mark Linkous von der US-Band Sparklehorse zu kollaborieren, begeisterte die Macher der Serie "In The Fishtank" sofort. Beide Künster waren bereits live zusammen aufgetreten, es wurde also Zeit, die gemeinsamen Ideen auf Tonträger zu bannen. An zwei Tagen im Dezember 2007 entstanden die vorliegenden sieben Songs: Soundgebilde von seltener Schönheit und Atmosphäre, in denen sich abstrakte Sounds und traditionelle Songstrukturen, akustische und elektronische
Instrumente verbinden. Die Serie "In The Fishtank" ist eine Idee des niederländischen Musikvertriebs Konkurrent, in den vorangegangenen Folgen trafen u. a. Tortoise auf The Ex, Willard Grant Conspiracy auf
Telefunk und Low auf The Dirty Three." [label info / Indigo]


"It seems like such a perfect match up, such a great idea, it's a wonder it didn't happen sooner. The gauzy murky dream folk of
Sparklehorse, and the fuzzy pixelated hazescapes of Christian Fennesz, just imagine how great they would sound together, and you'd be right. Sparklehorse records already sound like they were produced by Fennesz, so if anything, this collaboration just pushes the sound even further. Apparently it was Fennesz' idea to get together with Mark Linkous aka
Sparklehorse for an In The Fishtank session, a long running series that pairs likeminded musicians, gives them two days in a studio
together and releases the result. And we have to say, as much as we love many of the Fishtank releases, this one might just be our favorite yet. And how could it not be, the whole session is a series of washed out melodies and barely there song fragments, of hushed dream pop, and spaced out chamber ambience, of drifting dronescapes and haunting cinematic shimmer.
Because the two conjure up such similar sonics, it's hard really to pick out who's doing what here, but that's not the point,
the two meld into one, creating a gorgeous organic whole, softened notes, distant melodies, lush layered mysteries, guitars unwind lazily, Linkous' vocals are plaintive and keening, always on the verge of cracking, made even more poignant as they are suspended in clouds of minor key blur, and squalls of softly pixelated sound. Throw some headphones on, and suddenly it's like looking at this fuzzy ambient pop through a microscope, the vocals are looped and chopped and layered and turned inside out, not audible on the stereo, but up close, a kaleidoscope of colors and textures.
All of those bands who try to do that 'regular old pop made special by adding a little electronic glitch' need to bow down before these masters. Two days together and they're able to create something magical, that yes is a blend of folk and rock and electronics, but it's so much more, every facet is linked to every other, all of the
elements are inexorably linked, seeping into the sounds around them, bleeding into each other, it's not just a pop song dipped in some
computery glitch, the glitch here and the digital element is subtle and lush and as organic as any of the guitars or voices.
A few of the tracks get noisy and thick and corrosive and almost explosive here and there, but even then, that crunch and buzz
is underpinned by swirling melodies, and lush hushed drones.
Such a beautiful beautiful record, hard to believe it was conjured up in only a matter of days. It makes us almost wish these
two keep making music together, imagine what they could come up with given a week? A month? A year? Here's hoping..." [Aquarius Records]