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Format: 12inch
Label & Cat.Number: Tonefloat TF71
Release Year: 2009
Note: new material (23 min), typical nice Tonefloat-design, black vinyl
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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Long-play Maxi mit 2 wunderbar erhebenden, himmelwärts schreitenden (sehr choralen) Stücken, die ganz von ätherischer Melancholie durchzogen sind. Inspiriert ist diese "Litanei" von einer Geschichte aus dem Jahre 1843, in der es um einen Mann geht, der so besessen von Windmühlen ist, dass er Tage damit verbringt, sie anzustarren. Als man ihn deshalb in ein Gebiet ohne Windmühlen bringt, wird er zum Mörder eines kleinen Jungen. Gefragt nach dem Motiv entgegnet er, er hoffe dass er im Zuge seiner Bestrafung an einen Ort gebracht wird, wo es Windmühlen gibt... absolutes Highlight von BASS COMMUNION, unsere besondere Empfehlung!!

"...Carl Clover von aleph bringt eine surreale, unwirkliche stimmung ein, die die windmühle in ihrer grauschwarzen verlorenheit als symbol irgendeines unheils erscheinen lässt. ein unheil, das steven wilson aka bass communion zu dieser ep inspiriert hat [...] In ihrer düsteren entrücktheit; einer düsternis, die eben nicht aus der hölle kommt, sondern aus einer unendlichen melancholie resultiert. so fern wie der himmel hinter der mühle; scheinbar nur 2, 3 töne; klagend, verweht. mit ein paar wenigen, tief eingewebten ergänzungen; über beide seiten der ep. ein, bei aller ätherik, überaus focussiertes werk. das den hörer / die hörerin mit wenigsten mitteln einen maximaln raum (an)bietet. perfekt; direkt in die top 2009." [N, Unruhr]

"following a series of vinyl editions of the previously released bass communion albums ghost on magnetic tape, bass communion ii and haze shrapnel, tonefloat presents its first release containing new (solo) recordings by steven wilson's ongoing experiments with drones and ambient music, and sounds in general. litany is taken from new bass communion recordings using choral/vocal samples and looping techniques. these experiments may lead to a full album at some stage, but in the meantime about 23 minutes of work in progress is out as a 2-track 12inch ep. the ep comes in a stylish bass communion cardboard type sleeve designed by carl glover and is available in limited editions of 1000 copies on black 180 grams vinyl and 250 copies on coloured 180 grams vinyl." [label info]

"With its sacral ambiance and prominent use of choral samples, „Litany“ distances itself from the worldly game of opposites and attractions and instead tends towards contemporary composition and the wordless mysteries of Orthodox mass. Even though clearly divided into an „A“ and „B“ side, there is no beginning or end here, the music referring to nothing but itself like two snakes biting each other's tails. Some will undoubtedly consider the movements all but identical, but rather they appear to be different sections of one and the same piece: One recognises the recurrence of thematic elements and musical movements, but they seem to be at different stages of development.
On the outside, „Litany“ radiates complete calm, concentration and composure. And yet, there is a neverceasing evolution and inner re-arranging of the material taking place. On closer inspection, several strands emerge: One consists of a pulse of minor key string-harmonies, another of a closely aligned choir-breath possibly culled from a Mellotron. As these two elements billow and deflate, an ephemeral castrato is caught in an infinite loop of two notes, occasionally colliding with another voice in microtonal frictions. Finally, there is a single chord change from f# minor to c#minor, which returns at several stages of the piece. Corresponding timbres are occasionally taking turns as well, when a Flute discreetly performs some of the string parts and vice versa, adding a subconscious sense of sweet estrangement. By varying the dynamics of these components and floating them in a threedimensional grid, Wilson creates a radically minimal music that is as constant as it is in constant flux and as pure as it is intricately interlaced. Wilson has been known to find inspiration in a lot of different genres and fields and perhaps he was thinking of composers like Gorecky and Pärt here. But the way he moulds his material is decidedly his own. Like a foil, the orchestral allusions and monasterial ambiance veil a world of majestic electronics that protrudes and contracts in cycles of perpetual peristalsis. Terms like „Drones“ or „Ambient“ have long lost their capacity of containing the Bass Communion approach, which is increasingly spinning off into its own, intimate galaxy. For all those who are willing to follow in his slipstream, this cosmic excursion is sure to offer just as many delights as confusions." [Tobias Fischer, Tokafi]