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LE SYNDICAT - Timespace Losses 1982/1987

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Monochrome Vision (mv30)
Release Year: 2009
Note: collection of rare compilation tracks from the masters of French Bruitism! contains recordings of their very first live show from 1982
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"...There was never a lack of releases on the part of Le Syndicat. They started as a noise duo in 1982, producing the maximum of noise with minimal means, such as radio and TV, manipulating the antenna's. In 1983 Le Syndicat became also the name of their label, and as such they released a whole bunch of cassettes and contributed to a whole bunch of compilations in that period. 'Timespace Losses 1982-1987' deal with that era of compilation appearances, plus one live cut from 1982. Many of those compilations I used to have, so its a reunion party here. 'The Call Of Cthulhu', 'Sexorama 3', 'Morality', 'Wolfsangel', 'L'enfer Est Intime', 'Dry Lungs' - never heard of a release called 'Kill SPK'. Although these days noise isn't part of my daily diet, I am still a sucker for noise from this 80s period. Le Syndicat played loud, raw outbursts of distortion, but early on they also incorporated crude drum machines, years before the started doing really heavy weighted techno music. An excellent compilation of compilation appearances. Long of course, this is quite an endurance test. Power electronics of some of its most intense kinds. Great power enclosed." [FdW / Vital Weekly]

"This CD is a collection of rare tracks by this most famous french noise project, previously released on obscure tape compilations and includes the very first live recording session. It represents the pioneering bruitism music in the most raw and powerful mode, it's still going strong and hitting hard, thus should be not missed by any real noise fans.

Le Syndicat started its activity in 1982, it was the band founded by Jan-Marie Onni (Ruelgo) and Van Minh L. Involved were also other people, they all were plastic arts students from Paris. From the very beginning, they
claimed to be an association for performances. Actually, their first performances were intended to make a maximum noise as possible, with a lot of TV/radio receivers, manipulating the antennas and volume in direct. Soon they constituted a bank of sounds on tapes: shortwaves, TV static, noise of the city etc. They played tapes on walkmans, adding voice, metal junk and portable beat-box Roland TR606. The sources were brutally injected in the microphone inputs of cassette decks via multipliers of entries, the sounds came to print in depth on the tape, distorted and burned
until marrow. Loops, cut-ups and unidentifiable noises followed each other at a wild rhythm in a constant cataclysmic storm, in continuous mutation. Since 1983, Le Syndicat tapes got the special design by Zorn, who was painter, graphic designer and visual scientist. His professional work marked the birth of Le Syndicat tape label. In the same year, they attended industrial music festival Nuit et Brouillard and met Pierre Jolivet (Pacific
231) who introduced them to the worldwide mailart network. Together, they started Ankh project and released "L'Enfer Est Intime vol.0" compilation. Despite the constructivist influences and military aesthetics of album
covers, Le Syndicat didn't recognized itself as a part of industrial music movement: even if their sound was extreme, this energy didn't have
anything negative or nihil istic. Their fascination for chaos, strength and violence was not relieved by provocation but just by pleasure to manipulate the noise material - that was the difference between industrial
music and empiric bruitism.
After releasing some intense noise albums in the mid 80's, Ruelgo with new member Vedt Mjlnr turned to more musical styles, experimenting with melodies, ambient loops, heavy rhythms etc. They released some vinyls on
RRRecords, Bog Art and Staalplaat. Also, Staalplaat re-released their classic furious noisecraft albums on 2CD-anthology, followed by two powerful "panzerbeat" CDs "Macisto Fuzztanz" and "Sardanapale". The last ever Le Syndicat album "Maximalist" was published by Daft Records in 1995, it was more like techno-grooves and marked the end of the project
which became out of business. The members started their solo efforts and continue them up to present days.

Timespace Losses 1982/1987
All recorded between 1982 and 1987 and originally released on compilations: "The Call Of Cthulhu" (1985, Cthulhu Records), "Sexorama
vol.3" (1987, ZSF Produkt), "Morality" (1985, Broken Flag), "Wolfsangel" (1986, Nihilistic Recordings), "L'Enfer Est Intime Vol.00" (1985, VP231), "L'Enfer Est Intime Vol.01" (1985, VP231), "Kill SPK" (1985, Beast 666 Tapes), "Dry Lungs I" (1985, Placebo Records). Bonus-track "All armi" is the first ever live recording made at "L'Abbatoir" club in 1982. Some tracks optimized by Ruelgo 2009, specially for this re-edition." [label info]


"The mid-'80s were very productive for Le Syndicat, the French industrial noise outfit that formed in 1982 with the noble intention to make the most noise possible. The bulk of the tracks collected on Timespace Losses were culled from various cassette compilations during that time period 1982 to 1987, with the final track being a rare live recording. These works defined LS's earlier noise bruitism before iron-fisted rhythms locked down Le Syndicat's latter-day panzerbeat aesthetics. Overblown screams and garbled vocalizations dissolved amidst the acrid feedback, mottled distortion and blackened noise which seeped out of Le Syndicat's repurposed consumer electronics (e.g. shortwave radios, televisions, Walkmen, etc.), inspired by the mediated chaos of SPK, Merzbow, Ramleh, Whitehouse, Controlled Bleeding, and other early practitioners of power electronics. Not surprisingly, Le Syndicat managed to land their work on tape compilations released by Broken Flag, ZSF Produkt (run by Masami Akita back in the day), Placebo, and Beast 666. This collection is a very primitive, nasty set of recordings. Conet Project fans should take note that the 'Swedish Rhapsody' numbers station is featured heavily in the very John Duncan like collage of shortwave transmissions on the Le Syndicat live track concluding the collection. Recommended for all of you noise freaks out there!" [Aquarius Rec.]