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KLUCEVSEK, GUY - Flying Vegetables of the Apocalypse

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Experimental Intermedia Foundation XI 104
Release Year: 1991
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Neun Stcke mit folkloristisch-melancholisch geprgter Akkordeon-Tanz-Musik, v.a. Polka- und Walzer-Bearbeitungen mit experimenteller Note und slovenischen Wurzeln. Mitspieler z.B. TOM CORA. Beschwingte Wehmut voller Virtuositt.

Composer and accordion virtuoso Guy Klucevsek is teaching his instrument to whoop and wheeze in strange new ways. He plays deconstructed, reconstructed art songs and dance tunes, translated into a metalanguage of his own making. His is a musical Esperanto fashioned from hocketed melodies, giddy arabesques; tone clusters; eerie difference tones; hypnotic phasing and locomotive ostinatos; low register drones punctuated by high register yips; and a rollicking, roisterous energy borrowed from dance forms and folk music the world over. Ensemble pieces for strings, percussion, guitars, and woodwinds, feature Bobby Previte, Tom Cora, David Hofstra, John King, Laura Seaton, and more. [label description]