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PAN SONIC & KEIJI HAINO - Shall I download a blackhole and offer it to you

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: BLAST First (petite) PTYT 014
Release Year: 2009
Note: live in Berlin / Volksbhne 15.11.2007, comes in nicely designed deluxe 8-panel digipack (Stephen O'Malley)
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.50

More Info

"The complete live recording from the 15th November 2007 concert at Berlin's Volksbuhne.
Music. Mystery. Magic Finlandian straight-men dual a last waltz with stand-up shamen, Mr Haino. All bow. Deluxe Packaging Designed by Stephen O'Malley." [label info]

"Heck, we're always happy hearing Haino in any setting, but it turns out that Pan Sonic are particularly perfect to accompany him, they bring the darkness too... note that it's usually Haino's unique presence that makes itself felt most prominently in any collaboration with which he's been involved (Boris, Merzbow, Sitaar Tah, Zeitkratzer, etc.), and such is the case here, even the title is obviously Haino-esque. And nothing else sounds like his occasional, anguished vocals, which when they appear here, are in stark organic contrast to the digital, mechanical machinations of his co- conspirators Pan Sonic.
Guttural throat-torn outbursts from Haino screech forth over palpitating drum machine clicks and throbbing low-end pulses. Sizzling
buzz and whirr wreathe the proceedings. Haino's whale call guitar feedback breaches the dark void, Tibetan monks are channelled. The dynamics shift from mysterious quiet groans and beautiful keening drones to loud, out and out distorted glitch/guitar warfare... It's been a loooong time since there's been an album from Haino's band Fushitsusha, but this is the next best thing!" [Aquarius Records]