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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Art Yard CD701
Release Year: 2009
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Subtile, pulsierende, intelligent arrangierte rhythmische Elektronik von diesem Berliner Ensemble, die auch viele Instrumente und selbstgebaute Maschinen einsetzen...

"An arresting set of 'electromechanical' pieces utilising homemade instruments and various modified electronic and percussive devices, this album hones in on resonant metallic sonorities, both in the pursuit of creating strange, alien rhythms and composing melodically cogent instrumentals. Timpanis, metallophones, Korg MS20s and something called a 'heckeshorn', which if a certain video on YouTube is to be believed is a bit like an industrial revolution-era synthesizer, complete with cogs and all manner of moving parts. There's an entire solo piece on Orbital dedicated to this curious contraption (titled 'Heckeshorn') which makes for a rather creepy jaunt into the steampunk avant-garde. Berliner Ring make all manner of bizarre noises on this record, but their real achievement is in managing to configure them into easily digestible, very musical shapes. Highly recommended." [Boomkat]

"What the London orbital is to the English capital, the Berliner ring is to Berlin: a circular highway that surrounds the city.
The first contemporary release from Art Yard amalgamates disparate elements: electro mechanical devices, invented instruments, modified keyboards, delays, customised rhythm and string machines: a half man, half machine driven trip into the Electro-Mechanical sub-underground, built around a combination of moods and themes drawn from the Berlin landscape. Berliner Ring work toward a brew of forms and techniques, creating geographical references and representations, tonal landscapes, an unfolding of ambient instrumental stereologues..
Berliner Ring is: Moritz Wolpert:: percussion, tympani, painting, inventor of the Heckeshorn -a hybrid slide guitar, triggered polychord and rhythm machine. Christian Gnther: builder and designer of analogue synthesizers, rhythm boxes, theremins and painting machines.
Alexander Christou: samples, electronic grooves, songs, traditional and outside music styles, 12 string guitar. Thomas Stern: bass, osmotic dubbler, doctorate in distillery, orbiting Berliner Ring and great remixer.
A collaboration with Bomb The Bass mastermind Tim Simenon is planned for later in 2009." [label info]