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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Swarming 001
Release Year: 2009
Note: album based on site-specific surround-sound concert recordings made in Australia 2005 and in Europe 2007
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Kaum zu beschreibende / zu erfassende Studio-Aufnahmen der drei Klangforscher, die - basierend auf einigen gemeinsamen Konzerten - Orts-spezifische Klnge von Rumen, Field Recordings, elektronische Sounds und Instrumentalklnge benutzen fr ihre spannenden und jegliche Genredefinitionen sprengenden Gerusch-Felder zwischen Stille, Drone, Mikrosound & Field Recording...

"The trio of Eric La Casa, Jean-Luc Guionnet and Philip Samartzis first performed in Australia in July 2005 during Liquid Architecture 6 where they presented a series of surround-sound concerts in Melbourne and Brisbane. Their aim was to formulate a set of responses that addressed the specific spatial and acoustic dynamics comprising each site of presentation through improvised exchanges, microphones and electronics, and multi-channel diffusion. The trio resumed their investigations between April and June 2007 through a series of concerts in France, Germany and the Czech Republic, which were used to interrogate form, space and time using a revised set of strategies around location sound, amplification, diffusion, and real-time processing within improvised exchanges. Their intention was to explore the interplay between sonic articulation and spatial intervention to afford alternating states of awareness between musical and non-musical sound to demonstrate the complex set of acoustic and spatial interactions occurring between the constructed and the natural. Soleil d'artifice is a culmination of these investigations. Recorded june 22th 2007 at studio-KOUZ (Paris). Mixed and mastered by Philip Samartzis, November 2007. Jean-Luc Guionnet : extended saxophone. Eric La Casa : microphones, prepared recordings, laptop. Philip Samartzis : electronics, field recordings, laptop." [label info]