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FRANKLIN, MARTIN & MICHAEL NORTHAM - An Opening of the Earth : recovered

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Faria FAR-23
Release Year: 2009
Note: re-worked recordings (that appeared originally 1991/1993 on CD / MC - on the legendary SOUNDS FOR CONSCIOUSNESS RAPE-label!) by the TUU-member M. FRANKLIN and the Drone Records-artist NORTHAM; lim. 500 in the typical Faria-design (full colour cardboard cover with postcards)
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Remasterte Wiederveröffentlichung dieser Zusammenarbeit von MNORTHAM mit dem TUU-Mitglied MARTIN FRANKLIN, erschien bereits 1991 als MC auf dem legendären SOUNDS FOR CONSCIOUSNESS RAPE, dann 1993 als CD auf SDV Tonträger.
Das ganze ist eine improvisierte Aufnahme vom September 1991, die erstaunlich rauh und fast schon ungestüm ausfällt, wenn Drone-Loops auf knirschend-feedbackende Objekt-Sounds stossen, oder obskure Diktaphon- & Cassetten Recorder-Versatzstücke auftauchen..
von der Original 3 Stunden-Session hat FRANKLIN nun die besten Passagen erneut re-mastered, es sind dabei auch vorher ungehörte Sektionen auf diesem Re-Release gelandet, der zudem in typischer FARIA-Manier in einem Hochglanz Klappcover mit 3 Postkarten / Inlays angeboten wird.

"...excavating the sonic crust with heavy synthesised drones, trebly buzzes and popping bursts of sound……eerie as hell.”
Darren Bergstein, I/E (from review of original release). "An Opening Of The Earth: Recovered" revisits a spontaneous collaboration between the two musicians, captured in the early 90's. Recorded in an obsolete format, no longer playable with today's technology. The old playback device, recovered from dusty storage for one last use, and the recording of this event brought back into the present - recovered once again.At once a sonic artifact of the recent past and a touchstone for contemporary developments in lo-fi electronic sound.
Franklin and Northam's original meeting saw them both on the cusp of developments in their own careers. Franklin's seminal Ambient trio, TUU shortly after embarked on an enduring series of CD releases and performances across Europe. Michael Northam's nomadic life as a travelling sound artist continued from this point onward, leaving a trail of recorded evidence from projects in 25 countries.
Mythic imagery of man descending into the mysteries of the Inner Earth is conjured in this intense recorded performance.Using lo-fi sampling, eerie drones, percussive metal instruments and effects, the players trace an intuitive path through a midnight electronic improvisation. Snippets of sound from other projects of that time slip in and out of the mix, roughly recorded Theatre rehearsals, and audio of UK street life appear from dictaphone tapes. Like an unearthed archeological find, the recordings of this ritualistic performance tie the pieces to their location, as well as the events of their time.
After unearthing the original tapes, Martin Franklin has created all new mixes for this Faria Records release, including previous unheard sections, re-interpreted and enhanced for the 21st Century listener." [label info]

"Martin Franklin and Michael Northam began communicating in the early '90s, both engrossed with the realm of possibilities extant in the laboratory that was the experimental cassette culture. At the time, Northam was beginning a career of sound-art globetrotting by way of festivals, residencies, and the generosity of others, having emerged from the Austin, Texas sound community that spawned the likes of John Grzinich, Olivia Block, Rick Reed, and Seth Nehil. Martin Franklin had gone on to form the British ambient ensemble Tuu, with releases through Beyond, Hic Sunt Leones, and Amplexus. It seems that Franklin and Martin enjoyed a single three hour session back in 1991, and out of that session came the original set of recordings which made their way on to a cassette, released by Sounds For Consciousness Rape, and later onto cd by SDV Tontrager. As both the cd and the tape have been long out of print, we can't comment on the differences between the original recording and this 'recovered' remix of the original source material.
Franklin and Northam settle organic textures from metal, dirt, and wood clattering against each other and building softened drones amidst the aggregated sounds. It makes perfect sense that Northam would later work with Darren Tate in one of the final Ora recordings, as these sodden ambient passages and quietly gritty noises share plenty of similarities. Northam had also brought to the session a cassette deck rewired to generate feedback systems, and Franklin had a handheld dictaphone with static and white noise broadcasting through the hypercompressed speakers. These elements give the recordings a rough hewn edge which counterpoint Franklin's sinewy ambience and ghostly half-melodies which are evidence of the contemporary remix work. Altogether, this redux has a darkly ritualized feel of isolationist drones divining something tactile out of the void, much like one would expect from the occluded sounds of the recent Drone Records catalogue." [Aquarius Records review]