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MIEVILLE, EMMANUEL & ERIC CORDIER - Dispositif: Canal Saint-Martin

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Xing Wu Records XW5003CD
Release Year: 2007
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Ähnlich wie auf der "INSCAPE" CD von ERIC LA CASA und J.-L-GUIONNET werden auf DISPOSITIF "Orts-spezifische Aufnahmen" von den akustischen "Aktivitäten" eines grossen Gebäudes in Echtzeit zusammengeführt (mit 30 Mikrophonen, die an verschiedenen Plätzen eines Kulturzentrums in Paris befestigt waren). Daraus entstehen unglaublich komplexe und vielschichtige Field Recordings, vom reinen Objektknirschen bis hin zu menschlichen Lautäusserungen und herüberwallenden Proberaum-Klängen, das ganze wird zudem auch noch bearbeitet & effektiert...

"Many individuals are unable to properly listen. Dissecting noise until harmonic components are found and deployed, detecting a logic in whatsuperficially amounts to sheer din, elaborating contrasting messages and different impulses until their core is reached. Sound artists Mieville and Cordier tend a helping hand to those who want to learn a bit about the process of active listening with this project, a real-time composition that took its form in 2005 at the Centre d'animation Jemmapes in Paris' City Hall. Placing thirty microphones all over the place, which comprises various halls and offices plus "several floors of rehearsal rooms for dance, music, theatre", the two authors originated a sketchy yet efficient acousmatic pieceinterspersed with laptop-triggered "sonic objects" and movements from the surrounding life and activities, with emphasis on the urban landscape and a pretty evident human participation. To this, a few sounds captured in Normandy were also added. We hear people chatting, singing and whistling. In the background, a marching band or the wheezing currents of familiar hullabaloo filtered by a ventilation duct appear, rendering the whole as a flanged reproduction of the buzzing bustle of a large amount of beings whom we can't distinguish singularly but all contribute to the final patchwork. The work is a valid example of what can be achieved through the exploitation of subjective approaches to perception and, although a tad predictable in some of its parts, deserves careful consideration." [Massimo Ricci]