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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: AFE RECORDS afe106lcd
Release Year: 2008
Note: lim. 100 in lovely oversized full-colour cardboard cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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Great new droney one-tracker by BRIAN LAVELLE, like walking / be surrounded by cotton, with bell-like sounds within, focusing more on a transcendental approach than being "dark ambient"..

"Brian Lavelle is a Scottish musician who has been active for more than fifteen years creating music with a variety of electronic devices. His compositions showcase resonant and textural layers of digital material, drones and processed field recordings.
His most famous works are probably the "Radios" series, composed along with Richard Youngs, but we can't help mentioning his wonderful "How To Construct a Time Machine" guitar suite released by Staalplaat's subsidiary Bake Records and "fault/r", released on Microwave Records back in 2000.
Brian was a member of Inversion along with Alistair Crosbie and together with him and Murray Johnston he was also involved in No Input, a one-off improvising trio. Between 2000 and 2003 he curated the techNOH online mp3 label.
Afe released Brian Lavelle's "A Stuffed Crocodile" way back in 2001 and is now extremely proud to present his new work entitled "Ustrina".
"Ustrina" follows a surge of increased activity over the last two years with highly regarded releases such as "Just a Song at Twilight" (Dust, Unsettled, 2006), "Fallen Are the Domes of Green Amber" (Diophantine Discs, 2007) and "Supernaturalist" (EE Tapes, 2008).
"Ustrina" consists of a single long-form work entitled "Pyre Nullity", which is a set of dense, shifting cloudscapes, perhaps a little darker in focus than Lavelle's last few releases and certainly his longest single composition to date.
Its layers of ghostly, distant voices, subterranean drones and processed field recordings evoke forgotten realms, but this is not dark ambient music.
Its compositional approach, subject matter and photographic imagery all point to hidden places, memories from a Golden Age cast on the fire, but not necessarily the darker side of existence. Indeed the cover suggests a possible modus operandi: cross the bridge, open the gate, move within.
The album utilises compositional ideas which date back to the mid 1990s, but which were not realised until very recently. Within the layers of "Pyre Nullity" are electronic passages from certain recordings over a decade old, previously unreleased and now reworked, rejuvenated and redefined." [label info]