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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Black Truffle Records BT01
Release Year: 2009
Note: re-issue of early LP from 2000 (Plate Lunch) - artwork designed by Stephen O'Malley (digipack)
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Wiederverffentlichung des dritten Teils der STACTE-Serie, mit der AMBARCHIs Musikerlaufbahn begann. Ein Stck in zwei langen Teilen.

"Originally released in 2000 as a limited vinyl only album (on Plate Lunch), 'Stacte.3' is now available on CD for the first time. Described by Wire scribe Jon Dale as Alvin Lucier and Cluster collaborating for Mego, the concept of Oren Ambarchi's 'Stacte' LP series - now comprising of five volumes - began in 1998. The first few 'Stacte' LPs were self-released by Ambarchi and featured his earliest explorations of the guitar and its sonic possibilities after a period known as a drummer in post-punk, noise and free jazz outfits. An idea was explored and investigated at length using a spontaneous approach, with Ambarchi treating each side of the vinyl like a canvas, slowly capturing a moment, patiently teasing every nuance and implication from each texture. His method allowed the listener to sink their teeth into something substantial over the course of the LP side's entire duration, resulting in an otherworldly, cumulative impact of patiently unfolding compositions. The 'Stacte.3' release (especially the LP's second side) was a breakthrough for Ambarchi and it defined the parameters for his subsequent projects such as 2001's 'Suspension' and 'Grapes From The Estate' from 2004, both released on the legendary UK label Touch. 'Stacte.3' is an early glimpse of Ambarchi at his most raw and minimal and it's a fascinating, integral listen in his catalogue of sound works. Remastered in December 2008 and with artwork designed by Stephen O'Malley." [label info]

"Ambarchi's sound is quite varied and fluid, capable of coaxing the sweetest sounds from his axe, as well as using it like some blood
flecked weapon, hurling jagged shards of distorted crunch and spitting out thick swaths of viscous buzz. Stacte.3 is one 37 minute track, split into two parts, A and B. A, clocking in at 14 minutes, begins with a looped bit of chiming guitar harmonics, mesmerizing and music box like, that loop soon joined by all manner of swooping bloops and bleeps, a soft barrage of strange melodic fragments and electronic shards, a bit like some malfunctioning synthesizer let loose over that steady music box pulse, eventually, the higher tones drift off, leaving just a couple low tones to shimmer and warble, their overtones creating subtle patterns and pulsating fluctuations, which are eventually joined by some of the stray sounds from earlier on. The second longer track, begins all buzzing metallic shimmer, what sounds like a room full of bowed cymbals, all sorts of gorgeous overtones, a washed out muted bit of metallic crunch, which eventually dissipates, leaving the bloops and bleeps of part A to return for a playful bit of swooping and swirling, before again, the track slowly shifts into a more minimal phase, playing out in a drift of layered rumbles, dreamy whirs and soft melodic electronic pulses. Quite nice." [Aquarius Records review]