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LARSEN - La Fever Lit

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Important Records IMPREC221
Release Year: 2009
Note: "Cinematic pop, illuminating rhythms, musical weightlessness and the nocturnal noire narrative style of Annie Anxiety"
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"Gone are the days when Larsen would hire Michael Gira to produce one of their claustrophobic albums under suspiciously odd circumstances. After 13 years in existence, the Italian post-rock collective has emerged as a champion of cinematic pop on La Fever Lit, sharing a sound that has more in common now a days with Sigur Ros than with the Swans. Sure, the band's sound on La Fever Lit persists in their hypnotizing arrangements for cyclical rhythms buttressing slow- burning crescendos of guitars and electronics, but the moodiness and abject urgency which marked their earlier recordings have been supplanted with an opulence, majesty, and a celebratory nature with occasional detours back into the bittersweet. On a handful of the tracks, Larsen's usually instrumental pieces have been augmented with vocals by Annie Anxiety, the one time member of Crass and contributor to Current 93, who presents herself as a detached diva singing torch songs of urban decay, which is well suited for Larsen's sweeping overtures." [Aquarius Records review]

"La Fever Lit is Larsen's eighth album in 13 years of activity, and it is also their first studio album since 2006's Seies, after the double live Larsen & Friends CD/DVD set, Abeceda. La Fever Lit features the legendary dub-diva/post-punk-cabaret icon, from Crass to On-u sound via NWW, Coil and C93, Little Annie aka Annie Anxiety Bandez. Musically, La Fever Lit opens slowly, intentionally and deliberately. La Fever Lit could be considered the most focused Larsen record yet, but at the same time, it's also their most experimental and floating. Much of the material on La Fever Lit was composed for architecture, having been written to be played in Torino's landmark Mole Antonelliano, which is now a national film museum. Performing from the elicoidal stair inside the huge dome of this futuristic building, Larsen spread out massive reverberations of sound and bouncing lights upon the audience. Somehow, these bouncing lights are a big part of Larsen's new sound. Cinematic pop, illuminating rhythms, musical weightlessness and the nocturnal noire narrative style of Annie Anxiety. Larsen delivers one of their most unique musical offerings but it's ultimately Annie Anxiety who defines the album. Having seen Larsen live a few years back, she offered to sing and La Fever Lit was the perfect record for her vocal companionship. Her lyrics, her moods and her delivery, especially on 'Lefrak City Limits,' deliver the listener to an old and twisted reality, drowned in melancholy, where characters' lives suddenly make sense, if only for a few suspended seconds, framed in frozen time. All of this happens while Julia Kent delivers her most beautiful offerings to the Larsen sound and Marco Milanesio's production is so in tune with Larsen's sound, that he is able to extract the textures that their music is built on. Every listen brings you a little closer to La Fever Lit." [label notes]