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COLECLOUGH, JONATHAN & TIM HILL - Beech for John and Miho

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: SealPool SPOOL001
Release Year: 2003
Note: lim. 500
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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A wonderful and amazing power-drone piece (74min) with myriades of overtunes, like be surrounded by three distorted Monochords at the same time..

У 'Beech for John and Miho' was originally commissioned as a short piece for 'in return', a private wedding CD, where it appeared
alongside music by Joe Weismann (The Jaztronauts), If Thousands, JLIAT, and Space Machine. That fifteen minute version then blossomed into this bold, 74-minute work. An invitation to the wedding spawned a short Japan tour during which Coleclough performed solo and in duos with Aube, Kuwayama Kiyohara, and Narita Mamoru. A limited edition of 150 CD-Rs of 'Beech for John and Miho' were made specially for the trip to Japan, and the piece is now released on CD by Seal Pool. "An epic piece: shimmering and metallic." [press release]