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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: BioSonar Labyrint BSL-002
Release Year: 2007
Note: lim / numb. 52 copies in ultra-handmade / coloured sleeve with real leaves; contains remixes from the Drone Rec. EP "Brusnika"; handwritten credits; rare & so beautiful LAST COPY!
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"Here it is, the fall of leaves, here is it's flickering dance, whirling in the time cell between the branch and the earth. We gathered the recordings of the autumn, for the immersion and for the movement, for the games with the astral doubles and etherial creatures. Rhythmic rolls, cyclic funels, helix passages, magnetic pickups. Admiring the transition season. The Earth breathes... Two ritual ambient tracks are recorded and mixed in 2003, the following two are dark-psychedelic remixes on the material from "Zeleznaya Voda" CD and "Brusnika" 7". Packed in cross-folding handmade sleeve with lots of inserts unique for each copy. [press-release]