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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Hic Sunt Leones HSL047
Release Year: 2008
Note: debut-album of polish singer / composer on the ALIO DIE-label; lim. 300
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.50

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Very expressive ethereal vocal ambience from this female Polish singer, who also plays prepared piano, synths & flute, with guest musicians on cello & bowed guitar. Next to the vocal-based pieces there are also more experimental free floating instrumental tracks, the atmosphere oscillates between sacral beauty and melancholic slowness, its not really "east-european" or "folk" influenced but rather based on classical music and electronica..

" Cosmospir is a debut album from Polish singer/improviser and composer, India Czajkowska. Her music overturns categories through a fluid blend of classical instruments, experimental vocal technique and electronic spectrum arrangements.
The dark alchemic laboratory in a deserted factory, the walls of which are breathing still with industrial noise. The space is sinking into strange sacral whispers and through the broken panes birds are flying in. The roar of the wind and the dripping of raindrops. From this mosaic of sounds the golden ringing of voice appears, cutting the thick air. This abstract landscape came to me from the sounds of the Cosmospir album.This is music for those who arent afraid to plunge into the deep, and sometimes, even dark areas of their own soul. Especially for those who love to travel far away, without going out, just focused on listening to fascinating sounds."
[Joanna Kasztelaniec]