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RAUM / B.C.GILBERT - I play all my records through the vacOrec anti static discharge cleaner / Radiator, plane, bang

Format: 7
Label & Cat.Number: RAFT Records RAFT 114
Release Year: 2000
Note: last copies of this release in the obscure RAFT-series from THESE Records, one side by BRUCE GILBERT (ex WIRE, DOME)
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €7.00

More Info

"Raum: One of the 500 artists on RRR's 500 Lock Grooves LP. A newly presented electronic artist with a forthcoming full length CD release planned on Raft for later this year. Minimal, electronic, effective. Full title: "I Play All My Records Through The Vac-O-Rec Anti Static Discharge Cleaner". B.C. Gilbert: Bruce Gilbert is a founding member of Wire. Also responsible for a brace of solo releases (including early dance commissions for Michael Clark), collaborations as Dome, P'o, Cupol, etc. with Graham Lewis of Wire. In the mid-nineties acted as the resident DJ for Blast First's Disobey Club (DJ Beekeeper) and performed solo in many electronic festivals. Constantly prolific, his discography is too large to list. His Raft piece is in the context of archive/installation/agitation/field recording/art work." [label notes]