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BAKER, AIDAN - I wish too, to be absorbed

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Important Records IMPREC 214CD
Release Year: 2008
Note: collection of recordings rare & out of print
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €16.50
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Während die Anzahl der NADJA-Veröffentlichungen exponentiell in die Höhe zu schiessen scheint, wurde es um "AIDAN BAKER SOLO" eher ruhig. Auf Important Records erschien immerhin diese wunderbare Anthologie mit raren, unveröffentichten und sonst nicht mehr erhältlichen Stücken (eine Auswahl von Aidan selbst), welche die ganze Magie der BAKERschen Klänge vor einem ausbreitet. Reine Solo-Guitar Drone-Stücke stehen neben fein arrangierten Post-Rock artigen Arrangements (z.B. das wunderbare "K" mit Drums, Cello & Violinen Verstärkung), fast schon ambient-dubbigen Fliessgewändern oder einsam-melancholischen Songs in denen er singt (eher flüstert). Absolut einnehmend, emotional, innovativ & hochatmosphärisch, taugt auch als eine Art "best of" & idealer Einstieg für Neu-Interessierte.

"... The tracks are quite varied, seeing as they span almost a decade, and include vastly different instrumentation, and varying lineups, but it's all pretty great, from the delicate drift of “Element #1”, not all that far removed from the Aidan Baker dreamdronedrift we know and love, to the lilting post rock chamber music of “K”, with real drums, cello and violin, a dramatic Godspeed / Rachel's sort of meander, that is quite lovely, to the rumbling subterranean low end sprawl of “Merge”, a deep shimmery drift that is draped with ethereal falsetto vocals, to the tribal ambience of “Calibrate” which sound a bit like a murkier Muslimgauze or a super stripped down, much dronier African Head Charge. And there's more, lots more. A glimpse at every sonic side of Baker: huge slow moving industrial whirs and glimmering abstract shimmer, stuttering looped soundscapes that sound like alien filed recordings mixed with minimal Raster-Noton jams, warm, washed out slow jam trip hop, with skittery beats over deep low end swells, and stretched out jazzy dirgescapes, shuffling drums, and muted trumpet, soft focus piano, all locked into ever expanding loops like a more abstract Necks. And that's just disc one. Just one disc! The second disc collects a whole 'nother hour+ of drones and drifts and loping meander and whirring shimmer, a pretty serious retrospective for sure.
Needless to say, Baker fanatics, even the most obsessive, will probably not have all this stuff, and newbies will definitely have lots to dig in to and discover. So once again, if your already overloaded Baker / Nadja shelf can handle the additional strain, RECOMMENDED!" [Aquarius Records review]