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LOPEZ, FRANCISCO - Untitled (2006-2007)

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Monochrome Vision (mv25)
Release Year: 2008
Note: collection of short pieces 2006-2007, feat. RAPOON, LAWRENCE ENGLISH, THOMAS PHILLIPS, KATHY KENNEDY. Lim. 500
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €16.50

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Ein ungewhnlicher, sehr variantenreicher LOPEZ-Release... viele Stcke (16) sind entstanden, Originalsounds basieren sowohl auf field recordings (z.B.Tiere), stammen aber auch von Leuten wie RAPOON, LAWRENCE ENGLISH, THOMAS PHILLIPS... idealer Einstieg in die mysterise Soundwelt des FRANCISCO LOPEZ!

"Perfect 2xCD release of music experiments by tireless Spanish audio artist Francisco Lpez. As it's mentioned in the album's title, it contains records of 2006 and 2007. Basic material is still field records, various sounds surrounding us - the wind sound and leaves' rustling, clattering of odd metal mechanisms of industrial epoch. The album is very rich and diverse. In descriptions for the tracks you can find the information about which sound material is the basis of the composition. We can meet both records made by Lpez by himself (for example, in park or at a lake) and music material of other musicians: Rapoon, Kathy Kennedy, Thomas Phillips and Lawrence English.
Each track is like an autonomous installation creating the voluminous world with the help of sounds - sounds of different mood and representation. Sometimes it's dense, locking, viscous drone, sometimes it's calming nature sounds. We can also meet dark frightening sound pictures like in track "untitled #194" - the sound of bursting projectiles shakes general sound space. Lpez skillfully turns the listener into a stalker, a researcher. No track can't be called just 'a mixture of field records', they are all filled with unique mood and emotional charge which compiles the microfeelings of the musician in this or that period of his life. Perhaps this very freedom of abstract music attracts attention of the listener - it's not tied to anything, it can have any 'sauce' that makes this music rather complicated for a wide audience of listeners. Yes, it's really complicated but that's the reason why we should love such music..." [Soundprojector]

"Francisco Lopez is musician from Madrid, active since 1980. His music is usually
made of field recordings, using the environmental sound as the source for composition.
These compositions can be absolutely different in both sonic and dynamic approach,
atmospheric and fast paced fragments can be associated with real soundscapes and
more abstract images. Sometimes it takes much attention, but finally tell us about art of
listening, whether it's noise or silence.
Lopez says, that all his works are trying to reach an ideal of absolute musique concrete, but in his point of view, all are different. You can see even the pieces commissioned by chamber orchestra, for example the untitled piece devoted to George Antheil. But in common sense, Lopez' music is close to minimalism, with strong relation to the special attitude of aural perception.
But his aim overrides the linear documentation of travels and goimg further to present his own
attitude to the sound of location. This album contains the wide overview of his work, showing
the great variety of field recordings as well as compositions based on source materials by
Rapoon, Tomas Phillips and Lawrence English amongst others." [label info]