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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: State Art AVANT011
Release Year: 2005
Note: NICK GREYs first album with unique melancholic / melodramatic songwriting, having a strong folk and experimental touch; very refined compositions using lots of acoustic instruments (clarinet, trumpet, piano, percussion), imagine a subtle version of SCOTT WALKER or ROBERT WYATT, or a more folky EDWARD KA-SPEL... still to disocver, special offer now !
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"Schon wieder eine berraschung auf STATE ART! Melancholisches Songwriting der ungewhnlichen Sorte zwischen Elektronik und Handinstrumentierung mit schwermtigen Gesang pur, das uns z.B. an experimentellere AND ALSO THE TREES erinnert..." [Drone Rec. info 2005]

How to classify an album that is far beyond classification? NICK GREY & THE RANDOM ORCHESTRA reveal musical mysteries, and we dont quite understand how they do it. Regal Daylight is more than just a crossbreed of influences gathered from all thinkable genres - it takes the best of them and molds it into something entirely fresh and modern. Intimate suite or avant-garde opera? Imagine the times when David Bowie was still up for surprises, when music meant challenge instead of shallow entertainment. Add a dash of Omar Sharif-style charm that made your mothers swoon and mix it into a classical rock theatre of its own. Et voil! When Regal Daylight was released as limited edition CD by Nicks own Sensitive Records in June 2004, it received an outrage of praise and was sold out almost in record time for a debut album. It honors Stateart to adopt and repress this diamond and keep it available for all those who have not yet discovered its beauty. It is also a bridge to The Candlelight Eyes EP, to be released in late 2005. [label info]

Regal Daylight comes cloaked in legends of Romanian and Armenian roots ... The whole affair has the savour of an eccentric and highly literate fantasy [The Wire]

Nick Grey and his orchestra have achieved an entirely new sound not heard before in rock, avant-garde electronics or neoclassical music. It is quite a stunning debut and I am quite honestly gripped with anticipation of the full-length release. The songs are intelligent, emotional and compositionally fresh and original [Heathen Harvest}