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HINSIDAN - God is in the Details

Format: do-CD BOX
Label & Cat.Number: Phisteria phi002 / 003 cd
Release Year: 2005
Note: debut-album (plus "Music for Ghosts") with high tension dark electro-industrial; boxset with many inlay-cards; like AUTECHRE in a bad dream or a more industrialized version of TWICE A MAN
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HINSIDAN (ein Trio aus Dänemark) dürften in der experimentell-elektronischen Szene bisher noch weitgehend unentdeckt sein, dabei haben sie mit GOD IS IN THE DETAILS ein beeindruckendes Debut im "Cold Ambient / Wave Industrial" Stil vorgelegt, welches geschickt Lyrics / Song-orientiertes Material mit Geräuschhaften verbindet, wobei in keinster Weise ausgetretene Pfade betreten werden; langsame, kalte elektronische Beats (die manchmal komplex chaotisch, fast breakbeatig werden), unheimliche Effekte, unterlegte drones und metallische Sphäreneffekte sowie eine Gesangsstimme die von weit herüber schallt, das alles hervorragend & zwingend kombiniert, irgendwie düster & apokalyptisch & doch erhaben... 17 Stücke mit Sog-Wirkung;
für uns klingt das wie Industrial-Version von TWICE A MAN, wie dark ambiente heruntergekühlte SCORN, wie AUTECHRE in einem bösen Traum !! Als Bonus gibt es eine CD namens "Music for Ghosts" mit früheren Aufnahmen (rec. 2001-2002), mit minimaleren, elektronischeren Klängen.. das ganze kommt in einer Pappbox mit 10 farbigen Inlays.

"Two full albums ; 'Music for Ghosts' & 'God is in the Details' - released as a limited double CD box-set with 10 artprints.
Music for Ghosts emphatizes the essence of the bands aesthetic diverse expressions, that breaks, one after the other of electronic musics unwritten laws - not for breaking, but because they think different. Music in which trends & conservative paths are replaced with what they call: 'Soul Totality' - all we aim for is for the listener to get sucked into our entity - here laws & reason don't differ from state of mind - everything in here has its place!
Music for Ghosts is on one hand, cold with an eerie alienation of human emotions, where feelings are ghostly & transparent, where communication (Atish's original lyrics) are reduced to fragments, one-line statements, or to the bare essence on 'Fel' (the closest one to a vocal song). On the other hand Music for Ghosts is strangely spiritual & embracing, even if the majority of the albums compositions might seem dark to most listeners, it is a loving one, where cold hands reach out..and if you're offguard it might entwine & drag you in...
The music is electronically based on a foundation which is a musical jigsaw puzzle of the influences that has made an impact on the two band members: The rhythmically challenging electronica of Autechre, the beauty of Irresistible Force, 70s dub of Jamaican origin, the thematic brilliance of John Carpenter, the doped minimalism of Apathism, the iracible truthfullness of punk, the subtle melancholy of Swedish pop with the dramatic expression of avantgarde mated with the sterile grooves of beatbox techno are translated into this unique thing they call 'Music for Ghosts'.
God Is In The Details epoch us up-to-date with the sound of Hinsidan which is now majestic as its unsettling and downright disturbing.
Many things can be said about this album but if to pick one, it is a soul searching one.
A dark unconventional journey, harsh and epic, reflecting the eternal / ongoing battle between the darkness and the light; sound painted in vivid shades of grey and blue. Love, god, hate and the endless ways to fall apart are issues all dealt with on this piece of work that stands out as a momentual statement of this new millenium.
The music is detailed minimalism that draws on a wide range of musical background that the band has grown-up with. From classical avantgarde as Berio and Penderecki and sheet music to complex electronica and the teenage lusts of Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire and rockier soundwalls of My Bloody Valentine and Joy Division." [label notes]