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Format: C
Label & Cat.Number: ALKU alku 65
Release Year: 2008
Note: recordings from live-shows in Graz & Bratislava 2006
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Sound? Gerusch? Klang? Nein, Energie umgewandelt in Klang! Transformationsmusik, eigentlich Genre-frei. Ein einziges Wummern, Strahlen, Zerreiben von akustischen Informationen. Leider das letzte Projekt von HELMUT SCHFER, der im April 2007 verstarb.

"Internationally acclaimed sound artists Helmut Schfer and Zbigniew Karkowski met for the first time in 1997. From then on, they maintained a close friendship and worked together on several collaborations, performances and music projects. Then years later, in April 2007, Helmut passed away. 'Eminent Risk Factor' gathers recordings from the last 2 concerts and studio session they ever made together. The master was finished on the last day they ever saw each other. In memory of Helmut Schfer (1969 - 2007)." [label info]