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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Sub Rosa SR282
Release Year: 2008
Note: third volume in the "World as Will"-series with three new pieces, performed by ZEITKRATZER
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Dritter Teil des WORLD AS WILL-Projekts, diesmal von Berliner Geräuschmusik-Kammerensemble ZEITKRATZER eingespielt. Wieder ist ein Meisterwerk dunkel-dynamischer Drone-Musik entstanden, sub-bassig wummernd, mächtig, gefangennehmend, gefährlich, anschwellend bis ins Chaos hinein..

"... Mergence, Below the demarcation and Mix white conclude the World As Will project, started ten years ago, the result of a collaboration between Zbigniew Karkowski and Tetsuo Furudate. The first piece arises from an infrabass ocean to crudely develop through a series of distant explosions, percussive energy, and short open cuts. As a whole, the structure is reminiscent of a slow crawling process. Tremors follow (with Karkowski, something always ends up shaking). For me, the second piece is both the imprint and the development of the first one. Furudate's contribution to this joint venture is also easier to grasp. A menace passes by, and we are glad to remain hidden in our hole, letting the beast move along in short bursts (it must be rusty, metallic, torn, scorched). Commissioned and performed by the Berlin-based ensemble Zeitkratzer, the third piece provides a cathartic and tragic conclusion, achieving what could be called a sketch of Chaos." [label notes]

"This release, performed by Zeitkratzer, is the third part of a series of compositions by composer Zbigniew Karkowski and noise artist Tetsuo Furudate. Zeitkratzer are an ensemble with the reputation for tackling the “new music” repertoire that’s challenging to the point of impossible. Their acoustic transcription of Lou Reed’s feedback opus Metal Machine Music stands in testament to an almost perverse fearlessness. The music contained in World As Will III is a dark and menacing mix that blurs electronics with acoustic instruments, blowing clouds of grey and black dust flecked with bits of glass and crystal. “Mergence,” co-composed by Karkowski and Furudate, starts it off with an almost indistinct bass rumble populated by shapes that enter and leave like characters in a Clive Barker flick. Furudate’s “Below the Demarcation” continues in the same vein, exploring the bass atmosphere, but infusing that bed with more industrial machine drones and breath interventions. The CD closes with Karkowski’s “Mix White,” which takes us further into the autopsy of a factory, travelling through the recesses and pulsing organs of metal and dust." [Exclaim.Ca]