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PETERS, STEVE - Three Rooms

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: SIRR ECORDS sirr 0029
Release Year: 2007
Note: exquisite soundscape & installation recordings based on always interesting concepts (using the own breath, single sound of a ZEN meditation bell, etc..), creating a fascinating aura...
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Exquisites Soundscape-Album mit drei Stcken, die vllig verschiedene Ansatzpunkte haben; ob field recordings, Objekt-Gerusche, der eigene Atem, PETERS entwirft stets sehr subtile und langsam dahingleitende Stcke mit faszinierender Aura...

"We are very proud to present the music of Steve Peters, which Alvin Curran once described as "pure, restrained, and rigorously beautiful."
Originally composed as sound installations, these three delicate pieces - or rooms, as the title states - are the result of very personal investigation regarding the interaction between physical spaces and the experience of listening. The selected compositions on the disc seem to emanate themselves from these spaces to continuously create room(s) for the listener, intensifying quietly and subtly our awareness. In "Delicate Abrasions," all of the sounds are derived from tactile interaction with the interior surfaces and materials of an old warehouse building in Santa F, New Mexico: nails, dust, sliding door, concrete, metal, glass, and wood. These seemingly inert materials yield a beautiful music hidden within the walls (and ceiling, and floor) of this otherwise mute and neglected space. "Center of Gravity" was composed for an installation with artist Susan York of one of her "graphite rooms," which evoke the contemplative space of a Japanese rock garden. The sound was made entirely with Steve's own breath and real-time electronic processing. Each individual breath was treated as its own miniature composition. These short pieces are then layered and punctuated by silences of random length. The final piece, "Mountains Hidden in Mountains," is made entirely from one strike of the densho (meditation bell) at a Zen Buddhist temple in New Mexico. The sound of the bell never quite dies away, instead revealing the complex dance of overtones in the air and ever-deepening pure waves. It was adapted as a participatory sound installation in a faux bell tower at the Santa F Art Institute in 2004." [label info]